Frosty Vox Box Product Reviews

I received the influenster Frosty Vox Box about a month ago for testing purposes. This vox box contained some products that I loved, and some that I didn’t like so much. I will go through each of the products in the box, and let you know what I thought of them.


The first item for review is the Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum by No7. This product retails for between $22.99 and $29.99 for a full sized bottle. The packaging says that this serum is “even more effective at reducing the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles for younger looking skin in just two weeks.” I cannot attest to that statement, as only one little sample pack was sent to me. The lotion did leave my skin smoother, and more hydrated looking, but I wouldn’t say that it made me look any younger. I wish that a larger sample was given to see the effects over longer than just a day. I would not rush out to purchase this serum given its price and lack of dramatic difference provided by the sample.


Next up is the Eco Tools hairbrush. This hairbrush retails for $10.99. According to the packaging, this hairbrush dries hair 20% faster for less heat damage, fights static and frizz, nurtures hair and scalp, detangles and is ultra-lightweight. I did not find that this hairbrush made my hair dry any faster than my regular hair brush does. Of course, I do not blowdry my hair so I would have to experiment with that aspect to fully gauge whether or not it does dry hair faster. It did work pretty well at detangling my hair. My hair wasn’t any more difficult to brush than with my normal brush, but it did seem to glide through my hair with ease. My hair has a ton of fly-aways all the time, so I cannot speak to its anti-frizz capabilities. The hairbrush is pretty light when compared to similar brushes. You almost do not even know it is in your hands. One feature that I did not like was the handle. I have pretty small hands and the handle is pretty round. I had difficulties holding onto the brush because I couldn’t hold it comfortably. I really loved the head of the brush. The tipped bristles make the brush glide through hair with ease, without snagging or pulling too much. I probably would use this brush when we travel.


This is McCormick Gourmet Thyme, retailing for $4.79. To be honest, this is one product I have not personally tested. With the pregnancy, I am having a difficult time keeping most foods down. I can tell you that the top is really sticky, as in the lid is difficult to pop open. It has a very aromatic smell that definitely speaks Thyme to me. Once I am able to handle real food again, we will be giving this a try.


The Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane holiday tea was probably one of the most exciting things in this box. I was excited for a decaffeinated mint tea. I did not love this tea. When I looked at the packaging, I was expecting a very minty tea. The mint taste was very subtle. There were also hints of orange and vanilla that really threw me off. I think that if it had been a minty green tea I would have loved it.


Fruit Vines Bites were created by the Red Vine company. These retail for $1.79. I do not like the taste of licorice right now, so I had to defer to my husband for this review. The bag was gone in a matter of 20 minutes, so it is safe to say that my husband loved them.


The Rimmel Scandaleyes waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner retails for $4.49. I loved almost everything about this eyeliner. First and foremost, it is VERY pigmented. I love when you only have to run an eyeliner over your eye once and have a smooth dark line. Not only is it really pigmented, but the pencil is also really creamy so it glides on smoothly. It doesn’t really skip on your eyelid, which makes application pretty easy. I did not like that it is waterproof. Call me crazy, but I prefer to be able to wash my makeup off with soap and water…..something that I wasn’t able to do with this eyeliner. I will probably buy this again.


The eyeliner leads me into the next product in the box: Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. This retails for $7.49. I typically don’t use eye makeup remover, but this is one I will probably buy in the future. I love the fact that the eye make up remover is oil free. I hate rubbing oil on my face to remove makeup and this product has solved that problem.


Last up is the NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum, retailing for $1.99. This is a really pretty fall/winter color. I found this lipstick to be pretty drying. It went on smoothly but caked pretty quickly and didn’t look good for long.

“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”


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