Venus Embrace Sensitive Review


I received the Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive from influenster for testing purposes. I have had the razor for a few weeks now, and was putting off writing a review because I wanted to really try it out before reviewing the razor.

The Venus Sensitive razor has 5 blades surrounded by a ring of aloe. The package says that there is less feel of irritation on sensitive skin than the Venus original 3 blade razor. The package also came with a razor holder that suction cups onto the shower wall, and 2 razor blades.

I am going to start with the outside packaging. I had a really hard time getting the package open. There is a little tab that you are supposed to pull on to separate the perforated plastic package. I couldn’t get it apart and wound up having my husband pull it apart. It is the traditional Venus packaging otherwise.

The razor is a pale green color. I really like the rubberized handle. It is made of a soft rubber that seems to be pretty durable and slip resistant. The razor isn’t all that heavy, even with the blades in. Each razor cartridge comes individually packaged. I did have a little bit of trouble with getting the blade onto the head of the razor. It was a tight fit. I really like the smoothness of the aloe surrounding the blade.

I don’t really know that having more blades leads to a closer shave or smoother finish. As far as shaving capabilities go, I found it similar to that of the traditional 3 blade razor I had been using for years. I would say that the aloe barrier does help with those pesky bumps and redness following a shave.

Overall, I would recommend these razor blades to others. You get a great razor, a close shave and no irritation!


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