Cloth and Disposable Diaper Cost Comparison

Costs of cloth diapers can vary depending on what system you choose, the brand and even the type of insert. To compare the cost of various cloth diapers I went to I only compared the cost of one size cloth diapers as they are adjustable and more cost friendly than purchasing diapers in small mediium or large. As the minimum recommended amount of diapers to have on hand by cloth mom’s around the world is 24, that is the number that I went with for pricing.

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Cost saving tips:

  • Use prefold diapers in place of brand name soakers and inserts. By using prefold diapers you can save at least $100.
  • Make your own diaper covers. There are hundreds of free patterns online, and the process is quite simple. Using a pattern I found online I was able to create 20 flip style diaper covers for $43.97. By turning Gerber Birdseye prefolds into more manageable inserts I was able to create a modest sized stash for $80.54.
  • When you are finished diapering your child/children, resell them used on ebay or other diaper swapping sites. Often times you can get most of your money back.
  • Buy used. Again, ebay and diaper swapping sites have people sellling diapers they no longer need. Just make sure to buy some that are in good condition.

3 thoughts on “Cloth and Disposable Diaper Cost Comparison

  1. If you buy used, make sure you strip them.

    We have actually spent roughly $165 on our stash of 33 (including the 6 gDiapers which are now too small). We bought 2 used fuzzibuns, 12 love my brand (generic Alva, love these), 10 t diaper brand (generic brand, not as nice as my love my brand), 1 no brand generic Alva, and gifted 2 no name generic Alva.

    Haven’t made any but easily could and I have thought about unburying my sewing machine.

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