12 week Bumpdate

Second trimester here I come! According to most apps, we have completed the first trimester…..but really it will be this Friday. This update will be 12 weeks to 12 weeks 6 days

How Far Along? – 13 weeks 1 day

Current Weight/Weight Gain – Pre pregnancy weight was 101.6, Current weight is 101.0……weight gain thus far: – .6 pounds

Meds Taken? – 4mg folic acid supplement, 200mg progesterone suppository, 12.5mg phenegran taken every 6 hours, 25mg Atarax taken every 6 hours and trying a medicated patch for nausea control, 12.5mg Phenergan suppositories and starting a new prenatal

Baby Size? – Baby is the size of an apricot, measuring just over 2″ and weighing in at half an ounce

What Happened With Baby This Week? – Baby’s facial features are becoming more defined. The eyes have moved to the front of the head and the chin and nose have taken more shape. The fetal digestive system is starting to practice contracting. Bone marrow is busy making white blood cells and the pituitary gland has starting producing hormones.

Symptoms? – The breast tenderness has returned in week 12. It isn’t nearly as intense as it was towards the beginning of the first trimester but it isn’t pain free either. I have also noticed that one of my nipples has been incredibly dry and the skin is starting to flake off. I have tried lotion, but it isn’t helping. My nipples aren’t the only thing that’s dry, my skin is really dry, especially my face. Discharge has picked put his week, despite finishing up with progesterone. Nausea and vomiting continue to be a problem. I am trying Phenergan suppositories to help with this. I am constantly tired and find that I get winded really easily. I have had a few dizzy spells this week that have caused some concern to my husband. My legs and feet are starting to swell.

Cravings? – No real cravings yet, and still have aversions to pretty much everything.

Best Moment This Week? – Nt scan and learning our chances of a chromosome abnormality are really low

Looking Forward To Next Week? – High risk Ob appointment

Belly Picture Starting waist – 27″ current waistline 33.5″ up 1/2″ in a week and 6.5″ overall…..no change since last week.


Here is a week 5 vs end of week 12 picture, sure shows how much larger I am



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