Logan’s 9 Month Appointment

As I sit here writing this, I am still amazed that I was blessed with this little boy…..and can’t believe that he is already 9 months old! Technically he has been 9 months old for 4 days now, but it still counts.

Stats: Logan is 24.5 inches tall (16%), 17 pounds 3.5 ounces (11%) and has a head circumference of 45cm (50%). His growth curve has taken a sharp decline, but the doctor isn’t super worried right now because he is doing so well with his physical and cognitive development. He gets plenty to eat in a day, so she thinks he’s just burning off his food really fast.

Logan has been crawling for months now, and is so close to walking on his own. He can walk along furniture and while holding onto someone’s hand but can’t quite keep himself upright yet on his own. He’s a very curious little boy and is always on some great adventure to discover the unknown. He loves to follow his brother around and try to do what his brother is doing.

Lo-Lo as we call him is such a good eater. We have been blessed that this little guy doesn’t appear to be allergic to anything (he does get a bit hivey if he sits in grass, but that isn’t often). We didn’t anticipate him skipping purees, but when he goes for his brothers food constantly it just sort of happened. Lo can eat though. He always seems to have something in his mouth…..food, bottle, whatever he stashed away for a snack. His all time favorite meal is pizza, and he doesn’t seem to care for sweet potatoes.

All in all, we are so incredibly blessed to be Logan’s parents. He is such a joy and we love watching him learn and grow.

Now if he would only stay little forever!


Salpingectomy is Scheduled

A week from tomorrow I am having my salpingectomy – a fancy term for having my Fallopian tubes removed. I definitely didn’t think it would be as soon as it is, but I am kinda glad that the doctors office is hustling to get it done. While tubal ligation surgeries are covered at 100% with our insurance, salpingectomies are a bit harder to get covered.

My OB’s office thankfully was on top of things and set up a peer-to-peer review to explain all of my health “things,” and why complete removal of my tubes rather than tying or burning them is the best option for us. Ultimately the insurance company agreed to not only cover the procedure, but agreed to cover it at 100%!

The procedure itself should be fairly simple. They’ll make 2-3 incisions in my lower abdomen, cut my tubes out and then stitch me up. The OB said it would be 10-14 day recovery period where I wouldn’t be able to lift the boys and might be in some pain. Ronny will be with me the day of the procedure, and will take me to my parents house on Friday, Saturday and Sunday while he is at work. Monday and Tuesday might be an issue, but he’s off again Wednesday and Thursday.

The biggest question people have is “how do you feel now that its scheduled?” Honestly, my feelings remain the same. I am relieved that I will have a less than 1% chance of conceiving on my own again. As crazy as it sounds after going through infertility, knowing that I won’t have another accidental pregnancy is a major weight off my shoulders. And part of me is sad that every attempt at a natural conception has ended in miscarriage, and I will (probably) never have to worry about it happening again.

Having a salpingectomy isn’t the end of our journey. In fact, by doing this we are giving ourselves the best chance at giving birth again. I’ve been talking to a clinic here in town and I am actually a pretty great candidate for a successful IVF treatment. We don’t have issues with getting pregnant. My eggs are great, hubby has super sperm, and my uterus is okay. Our problem is sustaining a pregnancy long enough to get to delivery. By ensuring that a prime embryo is implanted, we have the best shot at having 1 more baby.

I may go radio silence for a little bit, but I am still reading and following

What Comes Next For Our Family?

This past 5 months have been rough! From surprise pregnancy and handling all of the complications that came along with my pregnancies, to finding out we lost the baby….and everything in between, life got CRAZY. Now that we’ve had some time to process everything that has happened, we have made some pretty  big decisions as far as the future of our family goes.

For the past 5 weeks I have been taking a pregnancy test 1-2 times a week to make sure my HcG levels were dropping. I’m not sure why the doctors office decided they didn’t want to follow my levels down, but since they weren’t I did on my own. For the first 3 weeks, the second line on the pregnancy test got lighter. The test at 4 weeks out was darker than the one at 3 weeks, and the one at 5 weeks was even darker. We were highly concerned that I conceived again immediately after the D&E but before I could start on birth control pills.

I went in on Monday for a beta hcg test, but had to go back on Tuesday because the tube they used to draw my blood had expired the day before and the lab refused to run the test. I was supposed to come back in on Thursday to make sure the level was going down and not up. The past few days I have been spotting when I wipe but nothing major. This morning I had full heavy bleeding so I called in to see if they still wanted to do the second beta. The first one came back at 4, so they said with the bleeding I wouldn’t need to go in.

This left a big question for what we would do if we were to conceive again, and what should we do if we weren’t pregnant now. My husband and I discussed these two things at length for the past few weeks. We talked to each other, we talked to our doctors and we talked to our family members. At the end of the day, we have to put our children (both alive and future) and our family first and do what’s best for everyone.

We have decided that I will be having a salpingectomy – I will have my Fallopian tubes removed. After speaking in depth with my OB when I was pregnant with Logan and my OB for my pregnancy with Lily about what options we had. Given the fact that we have 2 living children out of 7 pregnancies, and the other health issues I have…..it is in our best interest to have my tubes removed to prevent pregnancy from occurring. There is less than a 1% chance of pregnancy with a tubal ligation, even less with complete removal of the tubes. It also comes with the added bonus of lowering my risk for ovarian cancer in the future. This will also mean that I will no longer be able to conceive naturally again.

We also discussed our options for having another child in the future, because I still would like to try for one more baby. We have no idea why we lost our first 4 miscarriages. The first 3 were attributed to a uterine septum, but that isn’t a guarantee. We have no idea why we lost the baby we conceived right before we conceived Logan. We have an educated guess as to why we lost Lily – a large portion of her placenta was not attached to my uterus, so we think that she was struggling to get the nutrients she needed to grow. My hyperemesis is also a suspected factor in malnourishment and dehydration contributing to her loss.

For these reasons, both doctors (and my husband and I) feel like our best option to have another child is to pursue IVF with genetic testing to make sure that whatever embryo(s) are implanted a genetically healthy, and make sure that my body is in a place where it can carry a pregnancy to term.

I have mixed feelings about all of this, as I am sure anyone would. Part of me is so incredibly relieved to not have to worry constantly if my birth control methods are going to fail and have to go through another pregnancy only to have it end in a loss. Another part of me is sad that this is the end of me getting pregnant on my own. We’ll never have a surprise pregnancy that ends with the birth of a child. Part of me is terrified that this is the end of our journey as far as having kids goes. I’m scared that we won’t be able to afford IVF, or that it won’t work and we’ll have spent tens of thousands of dollars and still not have a child out of it.

At the end of the day I have to remember that I am doing this to better the life of my children and my family, and pray that we can one day afford IVF.

My Baby is 2!?!?!?

I don't know where in the world time has gone. I can't believe that as of right this minute (scheduled to post at Luke's exact birth time) Luke came into this world. I remember a time when we didn't know if we would be able to have a baby, let alone be celebrating his 2nd birthday.

Luke is such an amazing little boy! He is so loving and kind. His smile lights up a room, and his laugh could make even the grumpiest of old people chuckle. Luke is intelligent, funny, inquisitive, compassionate, spirited, adventure seeking and an all around great kid. He loves to be around other people, and makes sure to say hello to everyone he sees. He loves to be around other children….watching what they do and making sure they are having a good time. Nothing is safe around here. Luke is so interested in learning about the world that he gets into everything!

Happy birthday my sweet prince. You have changed mommys world in ways you will never know. I love you now and always

I Can’t Sleep

I am so incredibly tired, and yet I cannot seem to fall asleep. I’m sitting in bed with Luke snuggled around my waist, watching Big Brother After Dark and researching a business idea that I have. It’s still in the works though so I can’t say much about it (wouldn’t want anyone to steal my idea and make gazillions instead of me…..although I don’t really think it’s a gazillion dollar idea). So much is going on in my mind right now and I just can’t seem to make my brain stop.

My oldest little is going to be 2 in 10 days. I CANNOT believe how fast that has gone. His party is in the works and I have this week to make his decorations, get the food, get him presents and all the rest of the logistics. Luke LOVES dinosaurs, so we are having a dinosaur themed party at a local park with a giant dinosaur in it. He’s played there a few times and has had a blast. I just hope it isn’t too busy. Either way, I’m sure he’ll have a blast.

My phone was lost/stolen a few weeks ago (a few days before we found out we lost Lily). I got a super cheap piece of crap phone from Walmart in the mean time. I am sooooo happy that my insurance claim has gone through and my replacement phone will be here on Monday. I want my iPhone back! The plan for this crappy phone is to delete most of the stuff on it and download some games for Luke to play while we are out and about so he leaves my phone alone LOL. Guess we’ll see how that goes!

Logan has fallen into a pretty hefty sleep strike. He used to go to bed so easily, but this past 3 weeks or so he has really had a hard time falling asleep. We (mostly me, but Daddy steps in occasionally) have to bounce and rock him for upwards of 45 minutes before he finally falls asleep. He is rejecting the bottle more and more in lieu of solids. He’s doing really well and has adapted to both purees and tiny chunks of food. So far we have been VERY lucky that he hasn’t shown any signs of allergies yet. He does seem to have asthma like the rest of us but that’s okay.

Now that I am not pregnant, I am starting to work on the two businesses I started before we found out we were expecting. I joined Young Living and love the oils. Every night I diffuse lavender before bed and it relaxes the boys into a sleepy relaxation. I have also been diffusing a few different oils to help with mood support and have even made a spray bottle of bug spray for when we go out into the back yard. Ronny wouldn’t wear it and got like 40 mosquito bites. I sprayed me and the boys and we didn’t have a single bite on us. It’s also done an excellent job of keeping creepy crawlies outside.

I’ve been working on Perfectly Posh as well, although I’m not sure where this one is going to go yet. I love that everything is cruelty, parabin, sulfate and soy/gluten free….and the fact that everything is under $25 and most things are included in the buy 5 get the 6th free promo. Can’t go wrong with quality pampering products that don’t break the bank. The boys love the big fat yummy hand creams. Luke is always bringing me a bottle to give him a dab.

There is so much to do and no time to do any of it!

One Last Goodbye

I am so unbelievably thankful for how amazing the funeral home we chose to have Lily’s remains sent to has been. From our first conversation, they have done everything in their power to ensure that our little girl was taken care of in a respectful and caring manner.

Ronny and I had an appointment scheduled yesterday to sign the legal paperwork giving them permission to cremate Lily, get her death certificate from the state and say our final goodbyes before she is cremated. When we arrived, we were taken back to a conference type room, where we first went over information on Lily’s death certificate. We then went over paperwork to have her cremated, and learned a little bit about the process. We had the option to be there while she was cremated, but I honestly don’t think I can emotionally handle watching this part. We were told that she would be gently placed in a small wooden casket, and then cremated.

When all the legal paperwork was signed, the funeral director brought in a tray of sorts with various options for an urn for her ashes. After discussing the options and revealing that we were planning on placing her ashes into a teddy bear, we decided to have her remains placed in a velvet bag so that it wouldn’t weigh down the bear in an odd way.

We were then taken to a small viewing room to spend some time with Lily. The funeral director made sure that her remains were treated with dignity and respect. She was wrapped in a small baby blanket, with a ribbon tied around it to keep us from accidentally opening the blanket. She was then laid on a small pillow inside of a basket, with a candle burning on one side, and a teddy bear on the other.


We were left in the room alone with our precious angel. I told her over and over how sorry I was that she died, and that I love her now and always. I told her that I wish we had gotten to say hello before we had to say goodbye, and just how much she means to me. I held her in my hands and could feel her body in the wrapping. It was so light. She was so tiny. I didn’t expect her to be that small.


Her daddy was there the whole time, talking to her too. I don’t really know what he said because I was so wrapped up in my own grieving process. I was painfully happy when he asked me if I wanted one last picture with our Lily.


I didn’t want to leave her there. I didn’t want to walk away from my little girl. I had such a hard time putting her down and saying goodbye. I cried, HARD. How was I supposed to just leave my baby girl to be cremated when I so desperately wanted to be her mom? I was supposed to keep her safe and protected. I did my best, but she died anyways. With one last kiss, and one last “I love you,” we turned and walked out of the room. The funeral director said that she would remain there, just like that with a light on.

Goodbye sweet Lily.

We learned today that the genetic testing report was already back on Lily’s remains. Genetically she was absolutely perfect, so there is still no clear cut reason why she passed away. We will speak more with an OB on Monday but at this point, the thought is that Lily was struggling to get proper nutrition due to several areas in which the placenta was not attached to my uterus. There could have also been an underlying medical condition in me that went untreated and caused her early departure from this world. We will know more hopefully on Monday. 

What Comes Next For Us?

Our sweet Lily was picked up from the hospital by the mortuary today. So the big question is what comes next? Our original plan with this surprise pregnancy was that I was going to have a tubal ligation regardless of the outcome of this pregnancy. My pregnancy with Lily was HARD, probably harder than it was with either of the boys, and it has really taken a toll on my body.

Our plans have changed considerably. Right now we are just trying to process what has happened and let ourselves work through the feelings. We are trying to get back to life as normal, so that the boys still have a fairly normal day going. My parents have been so amazing stepping in to help me with the boys as needed since I am under medical restriction for a few more days. I am going to start working on building up the two direct sales businesses I got involved with right before we found out we were expecting. I had to put it all on hold because I wasn’t feeling well enough to really work the business, but now that I’m not pregnant I can start really putting an effort in.

As far as trying again goes, we have decided to put off the tubal ligation for now. In the past, we have started trying again once I was cleared post miscarriage. Because we weren’t trying at the time, we have decided to go back to our original plan from after we had Logan. I am going to back onto birth control, and let my body heal back up from back to back pregnancies. I am going to start working out, eating healthier than I have been and focusing more on myself. My husband and I are going to work on getting financially back on track and getting this house fixed up and hopefully back on the market.

We have tossed around  the idea of IVF with ICSI in the future to make sure that our baby is healthy and doesn’t have any genetic issues, but that isn’t set in stone yet. The only thing we have agreed on is that we would like to try one more time to have a third child.