Finally an Update

Over the past week I have gotten tons of messages from people worried about Luke and Logan, and looking for an update. Well, at the time I didn’t have any updates to give…..but I finally have some direction. For those that don’t know, we are facing surgery for Luke to release a tendon in his thumb that is preventing him from being able to straighten his thumb and aren’t sure what’s going on with Logan, but his lymph nodes are enlarged throughout his body.

First off: Luke’s thumb goes in and out of being stuck, so we are still looking at a possible surgery for him. I’ve been rubbing diluted wintergreen oil on his hand and it seems to be helping a little bit so I’m going to give it more time to work before calling the pediatric orthopedic doctor back.

Logan: his first set of labs came back flagged for review from a pathologist. His red blood cells vary in size and shape in an abnormal way. We don’t know what this means, but that’s what the labs showed. They also showed that he is low on calcium and his ALT is double what it should be. We have ruled out all forms of cancer at this point. General surgery and oncology conferred and DO NOT think that a biopsy or removal of the largest lymph nodes needs to be done right now.

I asked about the possibility of his test results indicating a possible celiac diagnosis or another autoimmune disorder. The oncologist finally got back to me and said that it IS a very good possibility, and would also explain why he has had diarrhea off and on his whole life, started itching when we started solids with no actual rash and could be causing malabsorption issues which is causing his leg bones to bow out.

The next steps are to call the pediatricians office and request a celiac panel to be run. I can also call the gastroenterologist if I wanted to for the same test.

So while we still don’t have an answer, and more and more lymph nodes are showing up enlarged every day…..we do have a direction to go and hopefully answers are around the corner.


One thought on “Finally an Update

  1. I’ve been so concerned and worried about your little boys. I’m glad to hear that cancer seems to be ruled out 😌 such a relief! I hope you find the answers soon to make the little guy feel better!
    I also hope the thumb starts getting back to normal, but I’m thinking the surgery is pretty routine, if needed? Eh I was a complete mess when M needed his ear tubes, so I don’t have room to talk!
    I’ll keep sending my prayers out for both of them.. and for you! ❤️


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