We Could Use Some Prayers

This is my first blog post of 2018. I have fully intended on doing more blogging, but life has been kicking my butt lately, and by the time I am finally able to sit down and write I’m so exhausted I just want to go to bed. Life around here has been pretty stressful this past couple weeks. Illness and injury have hit our house hard.


A few weeks ago, Luke was involved in an accident with an Epi Pen. After a morning of running errands, the boys and I stopped home so we could unload the car, and so I could go to the bathroom. In the 28 seconds that it took for me to walk from the living room to the bathroom, Luke dug my purse out of the diaper bag and pulled my Epipen out. I heard a snap, and then crying. I ran out to the living room to find Luke crying, his thumb bent and bloody. We rushed him to the ER after realizing that he got my Epipen out of my purse and it went through his thumb.

The ER doctor cleaned his thumb and said that the epinephrine was constricting his little capillaries in his thumb and when the meds wore off his thumb would straighten. Unfortunately 24 hours later his thumb was worse. It was more swollen, and he was complaining it hurt….so off to the pediatrician we went. This was a first in injuries for the pediatricians office, so the recommendation was to let him play in warm water as much as possible and if his thumb was still locked on Monday to call and have him seen by a pediatric orthopedic doctor specializing in hands.

Monday came with no change to his thumb. I could on occasion pull it straight, but it didn’t stay that way long. We went to the orthopedic clinic and he was diagnosed with trigger thumb. Basically, the tendon has formed a giant knot from the injury to it and is stuck under the sheath that allows the tendon to slide back and forth in the thumb.

We are to work on the inflammation and if his thumb isn’t better (or gets worse) in the next couple weeks, we are supposed to bring him back to schedule a surgery on it.

Luke also has been struggling off and on with a fever. While at the doctors office, he licked the mirror and 3 days later had croup. A few days later, he was fine……and a few days after that had a fever again. He seems to be doing okay now, but it’s been a rough couple weeks for him.


Logan has been dealing with his own health demons. Shortly before he had the tubes placed in his ears, we noticed a swollen lymph node in his neck. Convinced it was because of chronic ear infections, we decided to wait and see what it would do. At his 12 month appointment the lymph node was still enlarged. We decided to keep waiting. He had, after all been through a pretty rough time. At his 15 month appointment I mentioned it to the doctor, because the lymph node was still enlarged and was getting bigger. She put him on a round of antibiotics, thinking that it was infected and told us to come back in 3 weeks if it was still there. We only made it 2.5 weeks because I noticed a giant lump on Logans back as he was walking through the kitchen.

The pediatrician had us come in right away and took a look. The lymph node in his neck was even larger, and they were concerned about the lump on his back. We were referred to general surgery (the same lady who repaired both his hernias) and sent for an ultrasound of the nodes.

The one on his back turned out to be nothing. The lymph node on his neck needed further evaluation. Anything over 1 cm is considered abnormal. Logans big one measured 1.85cm with several more over 1 cm. The radiologist told us to call oncology and get an appointment ASAP.

Friday, I called to get an appointment with oncology. They pulled up his ultrasound and spoke with general surgery as well as the pediatrician, and wanted him in that day. After some discussion and an exam, the oncologist ordered a ton of lab work. She found several swollen lymph nodes in his neck and groin, and was concerned.

Initial testing has ruled out leukemia, but the doctors are still worried that Logan may have a form of lymphoma or an autoimmune disorder that is wreaking havoc on his body. The results that we were able to get in office showed some wonky stuff going on, and the remainder of the blood was sent to Lab Corp for further evaluation. Results should be in tomorrow. We did find out that Logans red blood cells are very tiny and that his lymphocytes are elevated (amongst other things).

All weekend long, Logan has been battling hives that seem to come and go (but welt really big), and woke up this morning with an oozing sore on his inner thighs. I will talk to the oncologist about this Monday when she calls with the blood test results.

So right now the boys could really use some prayers. Luke is facing a possible surgery to release the tendon so that his thumb can move freely…..and Logan is facing a possible cancer or autoimmune diagnoses (which who knows what that will entail).


4 thoughts on “We Could Use Some Prayers

  1. I’m so sorry that the boys are dealing with all of this! I hope that Luke doesn’t need surgery and that it will resolve itself, and I truly hope that Logan doesn’t have anything serious going on. Sending good vibes and positive thoughts your way!! *hugs*


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