2017, A Year In Review

2017 has been quite the year full of ups, downs and everything in between. Looking back at everything that’s happened this year, I can’t believe how far we’ve come!

In 2017 both mine and my husbands cars were broken into (at different locations), Logan was hospitalized once, I was hospitalized twice, we bought a house, we got pregnant with our beautiful Lily and then lost her in the second trimester, Logan and I both had multiple surgeries and Luke finally outgrew most of his allergies, we sold my car, I started a new business, both boys started sleeping through the night most nights, Ronny got a promotion at work, I was hired by amazon but couldn’t complete the training because of schedule conflicts, Logan started to walk, Luke started to talk, Luke’s imagination came to life, Logan grew from a baby to a boy…..and so much more.

As we enter the new year, I can’t help but be thankful for everything that has happened this year. Without the triumphs and tribulations my husband and I wouldn’t be as strong and as happy as we are. We have overcome so much and are only stronger because of it.

We (read I) have goals for the new year as well. I’d really like to declutter and organize my house. I’m holding on to so much stuff that only takes up space. I’d like to get some home improvement stuff done including redoing the kitchen cabinets and counters, enclose the remainder of our yard in privacy fence, grass the back yard, and put a patio/deck on the front and back of the house. We’d also like to add electricity to the garage and get an electric garage door. I’d like to continue sharing Young Living with others and rank up to silver. I’d like to save enough money to be able to afford, or be hired on by a company that offers fertility coverage so that we can try for a baby girl this year. And as far fetched as it is, I would love to write and publish a children’s book.


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