Happy 1st Birthday Logan!

A year ago today (just about right now actually) we had just found out that Logan was coming today, instead of December 2nd. What could only be described as the craziest most wonderful days of my life, our precious littlest boy was born.

Logan has been such an amazing (and ornery) little boy from the start. He only cries when he’s hungry. He is so incredibly smart and has figured out ways around things quicker than most kids. He loves to eat, in fact he’s usually chewing on something. He’s such a funny little dude. He’s so strong too. Logan doesn’t give away his hugs and smooches as freely as Luke did. When you get a Logan smooch, you can feel the love through and through. He probably has the cutest baby mean mug I have ever seen in my life, but he also is the most observant baby ever.


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