Uterine Prolapse, Cystocele, Rectocele, Interstim Placement and Hemorrhoid Removal – Surgery

On November 15th, I went in for multiple repairs aimed at improving my overall quality of life and easing some pain I had been feeling. I was under the impression that while it would hurt, the pain would be minimal…..At least that’s what I was told.

Let’s go back a bit. My surgery was a bit difficult for everyone from the get go because of my allergies/sensitivities to many of the drugs, procedures, and normal protocols for the things I was having done. I requested absolutely no mesh be placed anywhere, which changed up the plans ever so slightly. Instead of pushing my bladder and uterus up through my vagina, and making a mesh sling for them to rest on, the doctor had to make an incision in my c-section scar and lift everything up from the top, and secure it to ligaments using permanent stitches. The doctor normally likes to have the anesthesiologist give a long lasting epidural during surgery to help control pain post op. Because of my spinal and platelet issues, the anesthesiologist was only willing to do a spinal before I went into the operating room. Unfortunately, the spinal didn’t work so it was a wasted aspect to the procedure. I am allergic to many of the anesthesia options that are the most frequent “go to’s”, so they did their best to figure it out.

I informed the anesthesiologist that the best protocol for preventing post op vomiting was 8 mg of zofran and 25 mg of phenergan before sedation. She opted instead to give me reglan (cue red flag), and I had a “response” within 15 minutes. My hands contorted into this weird position and I couldn’t move them.

Once I was back in the operating room, I drifted off to sleep very quickly. The doctor used supplies I brought in (tea tree Castile soap, skin prep and Opsite), but the 3 hour procedure took upwards of 6 hours before I was wheeled out of the operating room. My husband was told everything went well, so I’m not sure where the 3 additional hours came from. I was wheeled up to my room, and that’s where things really went downhill.

From the time I got to my room, to the first time I saw the nurse for any type of pain medication or anything took 2.5 hours. She was horrible throughout the night; coming in hours after pain meds were due and numerous pages, not answering her phone when I would call, needing multiple trips and reminders to bring basic necessities (ice chips, a dry gown because my IV tube was leaking for hours, iv tubing etc), bringing meds I am allergic to, and was just not good overall.

I was supposed to be discharged on Thursday, but the lack of proper care Wednesday night and the inability to get my pain under control I stayed the next few days. My nights were worse than the days. My blood pressure would drop to the 70’s/50’s and lower, my pain would go wildly uncontrolled and we did just about everything possible just to keep slightly in front of it all. The days were slightly better. I could walk around a bit, keep some foods down and could almost tolerate the pain.

I was discharged yesterday, 4 days after surgery. I am still in excruciating pain. I can barely move. I can’t sit or lay down on my left side at all. Thanks to a nasty case of thrush I can barely eat. I’m so swollen I look several months pregnant. The pain meds make me talk in my sleep. I have a catheter taped to my leg that leaks pee after a bit. I’m sure I smell. This isn’t what I signed up for at all……

BUT: my vagina no longer feels like my insides are a thin membrane away from falling out, the hemorrhoid that I’ve had since high school is gone, I don’t have to pee every 5 minutes and life is going to be great soon.


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