So Excited About Going Chemical Free

My husband is starting to think I’m going off the deep end. My bottle of Thieves household cleaner will be here Monday and I’ve already got all my plans for what I’m going to do with it! All these toxic chemicals are headed out of my house in exchange for safe, natural alternatives.

My immediate lists of DIY products using Thieves cleaner is:

1) all purpose household cleaner

2) glass/window cleaner

3) toilet cleaner

4) Wood floor cleaner to replace the swifter cleaner

5) Hand sanitizer (using thieves oil not household cleaner)

6) Thieves disinfecting wipes (like Clorox wipes but toxin free)

7) dishwasher tablets

8) Baby wipes – not using thieves but still on my list of to-dos

In the near future I also plan on making:

1) laundry detergent

2) fabric softener/dryer balls of some sort

3) shampoo

4) body wash

5) dish soap

** Young Living does have laundry detergent, soap and shampoo in their Thieves and ART lines. I am considering purchasing it, but am also looking into DIY methods to make my own**.

I can’t explain the feeling of wanting to get rid of all these super toxic things in my house. The more I research and read, the scarier it is!

Stay tuned for recipes, class invite and cost comparisons.


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