Getting Oily

After I had Logan, but before we found out we were pregnant with Lily, I started looking into essential oils to help with mood support and getting my kids to sleep. I’ve been teetering a fine line for awhile now between wanting to reduce my carbon footprint on this earth, and live a more natural lifestyle. I will admit that I was a complete skeptic when it came to essential oils, but I was sick and tired of paying the pharmaceutical companies to treat symptoms and not the underlying issue….so I thought what the hell.

My first instinct was that there was no way that “flower water” was going to help get my depression and anxiety under control or do any of the other things that I had been told it would. I mean the stuff I got at Whole Foods smelled good but didn’t do much besides give me a rash. You guys…..I was wrong! This is truly an instance where quality matters, and that $5 bottle of “lavender” was nothing more than fragrance. When I got my starter kit, one of the first things I did was set up the diffuser and put a few drops of lavender in before bed. I was amazed at how quickly it calmed and relaxed my normally out of control kids. I was even more amazed when my husband was snoring next to me in bed after saying it wasn’t doing anything for him. Next up I tried some oils topically to help with postpartum depression and anxiety. I was still taking my meds, but it helped so much that I was able to reduce my dosage and eventually drop meds all together.

When we found out we were having Lily, I started wearing peppermint oil and was able to avoid many of the smells that triggered HG. I would also put a drop under my tongue after I puked to get the nasty vomit taste out of my mouth. Since then I have used essential oils to help with allergy relief, we diffuse a blend called RC which has reduced the need for us to use a nebulizer on Luke for his asthma, I have rubbed essential oils on the kids jawline to help with teething pain (and avoided having to give Motrin), cured diaper rashes and calmed burns on my skin, relieved discomfort from ear infections, eased upset tummies and made bug spray.

And there is still so much more I want to try. I am getting ready to make a hair serum to see if I can really help my brother regrow his hair, am going to be making soaps and bath fizzes for the upcoming cold and flu season, make lotion to help my husband with suspected psoriasis……..and more!

I have caught the essential oils bug and I really, truly believe that every single person can benefit from their use!

I personally chose to enroll as a wholesale member with Young Living. When looking at the different companies, it was a no brainer when it came to selecting Young Living. They have significantly more single oils and blends than doTERRA does, you earn points through essential rewards for FREE oils (which you can also get through doTERRA), but you also get bonus gifts for various product value purchases, there is no annual fee, and also offer lines specifically for babies (seedlings) and other things like makeup and supplements. The biggest reason I chose young living is their commitment to quality. Young Living has the seed to seal program in which each step of the process from selecting the seeds to be grown to bottling the oils is heavily regulated by the highest of standards. I love that each batch of oils goes through 8 tests to ensure that it is nothing but the highest quality. I also love how Young Living doesn’t sacrifice quality for product and will scrap entire batches of oils that don’t hold up to their standards.

If I’m using essential oils on myself, and especially using them on my children I want nothing but the best. Yes, Young Living oils may be more expensive than the ones at Walmart, but you get what you pay for!

In an effort to go green and eliminate as many chemicals and toxins as I can from our lives, I am tossing out all of the household cleaners in exchange for Thieves cleaner which I can use on everything from floors, to windows, countertops to stove….and everything in between. I will not be subjecting my kids (or myself) to toxic chemicals anymore! I fought too damn hard for too damn long to get these precious boys here on earth, so why in the hell would I use products on them or around them that contain things that have been shown to cause cancer, irritate the skin and lungs and worse? I can’t do it to them!

Starting Friday, September 8th and lasting to the 15th, I am conducting an essential oils mommy and me class on Facebook. You are welcome to join if you want to learn ways you can use essential oils during pregnancy and on your babies and you to live a more natural, chemical free life. I’d love it if you joined us!

Not on Facebook but want to learn more? Send me an email at


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