My Tubes Are Gone

Surgery is done, and I am at home recovering…..well I’m currently sitting in bed with a 2 year old who took a nap from 4-7pm and now doesn’t want to go to bed at 1am. Any-who, my surgery went pretty well from a surgical standpoint.

We arrived to the hospital for checkin at 8:30am. After signing the consent forms, we (Ronny and I) were taken back to a room. I had to leave a urine sample for a pregnancy test – it was negative, and then put on the lovely surgery attire. My nurse for the morning happened to be the same nurse I had when they did the D&E to take Lily out. She remembered us from 7 weeks prior and commented how sorry she was we were going through all of this. I met with the surgical team as well. The doctor and anesthesiologist were the same ones that I had when I gave birth via c-section to Logan. How crazy is that!

I was finally taken back to the OR, where they had me scoot over onto the table and started all the prep work. Surgery was put on a mini hold when they couldn’t find a chlorhexidine free scrub to sterilize my belly. I drifted into La La land with the doctor holding my hand.

The entire surgery lasted just over an hour. My husband said I did really well. I barely got sick afterwards this time, but I did still have issues with tachycardia and shallow breathing. I had a major case of hives coming out of it and received numerous doses of Benadryl and something else to get it under control. I was also FREEZING, so they wheeled in a portable hot air blower thing to keep me warm.

The surgery itself went off really well. He decided to make the first incision next to my belly button instead of through my belly button because of previous surgeries there. He also made incisions near each of my hips. Once my tubes and a small amount of scar tissue from my c-section were removed, he did some exploring to make sure there wasn’t anymore scar tissue in my abdomen. There wasn’t! He was amazed because my belly button definitely looks like it’s being held in by scar tissue.

Physically, I hurt A LOT!! This is definitely a worse feeling than having Logan cut out of me and trying to recover from that. I can barely walk, laying down hurts and I feel like I broke my collar bone from the gas used to pump me up. It doesn’t help that Luke is constantly pushing on my belly because he doesn’t understand he can’t do that right now. I’m taking pain pills and whatnot, but they aren’t really cutting it.

Mentally, I’m doing okay. I’m at peace with our decision to have my tubes removed and are now looking to the future. Now that Whole Foods and amazon have merged, it will be interesting to see what happens with my husbands benefits package. Amazon covers infertility treatments through its insurance plan….whole foods does not. We’re kind of hoping that our policy stays mostly the same with the added fertility treatment coverage. If not, were looking at probably not being able to start ivf until next year.

It’s just a matter of time before my body is better


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