Salpingectomy is Scheduled

A week from tomorrow I am having my salpingectomy – a fancy term for having my Fallopian tubes removed. I definitely didn’t think it would be as soon as it is, but I am kinda glad that the doctors office is hustling to get it done. While tubal ligation surgeries are covered at 100% with our insurance, salpingectomies are a bit harder to get covered.

My OB’s office thankfully was on top of things and set up a peer-to-peer review to explain all of my health “things,” and why complete removal of my tubes rather than tying or burning them is the best option for us. Ultimately the insurance company agreed to not only cover the procedure, but agreed to cover it at 100%!

The procedure itself should be fairly simple. They’ll make 2-3 incisions in my lower abdomen, cut my tubes out and then stitch me up. The OB said it would be 10-14 day recovery period where I wouldn’t be able to lift the boys and might be in some pain. Ronny will be with me the day of the procedure, and will take me to my parents house on Friday, Saturday and Sunday while he is at work. Monday and Tuesday might be an issue, but he’s off again Wednesday and Thursday.

The biggest question people have is “how do you feel now that its scheduled?” Honestly, my feelings remain the same. I am relieved that I will have a less than 1% chance of conceiving on my own again. As crazy as it sounds after going through infertility, knowing that I won’t have another accidental pregnancy is a major weight off my shoulders. And part of me is sad that every attempt at a natural conception has ended in miscarriage, and I will (probably) never have to worry about it happening again.

Having a salpingectomy isn’t the end of our journey. In fact, by doing this we are giving ourselves the best chance at giving birth again. I’ve been talking to a clinic here in town and I am actually a pretty great candidate for a successful IVF treatment. We don’t have issues with getting pregnant. My eggs are great, hubby has super sperm, and my uterus is okay. Our problem is sustaining a pregnancy long enough to get to delivery. By ensuring that a prime embryo is implanted, we have the best shot at having 1 more baby.

I may go radio silence for a little bit, but I am still reading and following


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