I Can’t Sleep

I am so incredibly tired, and yet I cannot seem to fall asleep. I’m sitting in bed with Luke snuggled around my waist, watching Big Brother After Dark and researching a business idea that I have. It’s still in the works though so I can’t say much about it (wouldn’t want anyone to steal my idea and make gazillions instead of me…..although I don’t really think it’s a gazillion dollar idea). So much is going on in my mind right now and I just can’t seem to make my brain stop.

My oldest little is going to be 2 in 10 days. I CANNOT believe how fast that has gone. His party is in the works and I have this week to make his decorations, get the food, get him presents and all the rest of the logistics. Luke LOVES dinosaurs, so we are having a dinosaur themed party at a local park with a giant dinosaur in it. He’s played there a few times and has had a blast. I just hope it isn’t too busy. Either way, I’m sure he’ll have a blast.

My phone was lost/stolen a few weeks ago (a few days before we found out we lost Lily). I got a super cheap piece of crap phone from Walmart in the mean time. I am sooooo happy that my insurance claim has gone through and my replacement phone will be here on Monday. I want my iPhone back! The plan for this crappy phone is to delete most of the stuff on it and download some games for Luke to play while we are out and about so he leaves my phone alone LOL. Guess we’ll see how that goes!

Logan has fallen into a pretty hefty sleep strike. He used to go to bed so easily, but this past 3 weeks or so he has really had a hard time falling asleep. We (mostly me, but Daddy steps in occasionally) have to bounce and rock him for upwards of 45 minutes before he finally falls asleep. He is rejecting the bottle more and more in lieu of solids. He’s doing really well and has adapted to both purees and tiny chunks of food. So far we have been VERY lucky that he hasn’t shown any signs of allergies yet. He does seem to have asthma like the rest of us but that’s okay.

Now that I am not pregnant, I am starting to work on the two businesses I started before we found out we were expecting. I joined Young Living and love the oils. Every night I diffuse lavender before bed and it relaxes the boys into a sleepy relaxation. I have also been diffusing a few different oils to help with mood support and have even made a spray bottle of bug spray for when we go out into the back yard. Ronny wouldn’t wear it and got like 40 mosquito bites. I sprayed me and the boys and we didn’t have a single bite on us. It’s also done an excellent job of keeping creepy crawlies outside.

I’ve been working on Perfectly Posh as well, although I’m not sure where this one is going to go yet. I love that everything is cruelty, parabin, sulfate and soy/gluten free….and the fact that everything is under $25 and most things are included in the buy 5 get the 6th free promo. Can’t go wrong with quality pampering products that don’t break the bank. The boys love the big fat yummy hand creams. Luke is always bringing me a bottle to give him a dab.

There is so much to do and no time to do any of it!


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