What Comes Next For Us?

Our sweet Lily was picked up from the hospital by the mortuary today. So the big question is what comes next? Our original plan with this surprise pregnancy was that I was going to have a tubal ligation regardless of the outcome of this pregnancy. My pregnancy with Lily was HARD, probably harder than it was with either of the boys, and it has really taken a toll on my body.

Our plans have changed considerably. Right now we are just trying to process what has happened and let ourselves work through the feelings. We are trying to get back to life as normal, so that the boys still have a fairly normal day going. My parents have been so amazing stepping in to help me with the boys as needed since I am under medical restriction for a few more days. I am going to start working on building up the two direct sales businesses I got involved with right before we found out we were expecting. I had to put it all on hold because I wasn’t feeling well enough to really work the business, but now that I’m not pregnant I can start really putting an effort in.

As far as trying again goes, we have decided to put off the tubal ligation for now. In the past, we have started trying again once I was cleared post miscarriage. Because we weren’t trying at the time, we have decided to go back to our original plan from after we had Logan. I am going to back onto birth control, and let my body heal back up from back to back pregnancies. I am going to start working out, eating healthier than I have been and focusing more on myself. My husband and I are going to work on getting financially back on track and getting this house fixed up and hopefully back on the market.

We have tossed around  the idea of IVF with ICSI in the future to make sure that our baby is healthy and doesn’t have any genetic issues, but that isn’t set in stone yet. The only thing we have agreed on is that we would like to try one more time to have a third child.


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