Second Trimester, Here We Come

Today is the first official day of the second trimester!!!! We have made it out of the danger zone, and I can breathe a bit easier. Here are my bump pictures from the first trimester….

It’s so amazing to see how differently I have carried each baby up to this point. My belly with the boys has a much more dramatic slope and in all honesty was lower than where my belly sits with Lily.

We’ve started planning my baby shower. I am super excited about the decorations and the invitations. We are using tulle from my wedding to make tutus to put on the card stock onsies, and we found some satin Lilies to use as table decorations. My baby shower is going to be kind of early this time (really this is the first actual baby shower I am getting) because 1) my baby shower with Logan was scheduled for pretty late in my pregnancy because my sister wouldn’t be out until Thanksgiving……and he was born early so very few people came, and 2) my mom is having back surgery in September and will be down for a few months.

I also met with the diabetes doctor today. He was livid that the high risk ob insisted that I didn’t have diabetes. He said it is very possible after having dropped 50 pounds and eating right/exercising that it was controlled, but I definitely do have diabetes. He ran a bunch of blood tests, I did a 24 hour urine hold and he did a quick urine dip. I should know the results from all of that in a few days.

13.5 weeks down, 10.5 to viability and 24-26 left to go!

Please note this post was written on July 5th


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