NT Scan

Today was my NT scan. Lily is doing so well in there! We were sent to a geneticist, who has basically made a career out of first trimester screenings. He has been in his own practice for 45 years! He was old as hell, but boy did he know his stuff.

We had to do the NT scan out of order because Lily was refusing to cooperate. Her heart rate was slightly higher than they normally want to see, but she was jumping around and kicking her little legs so he wasn’t too concerned. She was measuring spot on 12+3, which was my due date based on measurements. He measured my little Lily bean at just over 2 inches crown to rump, and her long legs were measuring about 2 inches as well.

The little sac of fluid that they look at behind the neck was almost non existent. Based on measurement, our odds of Lily having something wrong were 1:845 and >1:10,000. The blood test results drastically dropped both of those numbers.

Overall, Lily is looking perfect in there. She is snug as a bug and growing like a weed! We got a disc of pictures, but I don’t have a computer with a disc drive so I will have to upload them later.

Please note that this post was written on June 28th


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