New OB

I am a strong advocate for taking charge of your health care. If you don’t feel like you are getting adequate care, find a provider that will actually care for you. I did not feel like the high risk ob that I was sent to was giving me the best care possible. I felt as if they were trying to fit me into a mold of what a pregnancy should be rather than actually listening to me and treating what I was telling them was going on.

The high risk ob insisted that I didn’t have diabetes, refused the PICC line despite knowing that it worked well for me, ignored the fact that I had a SCH and flat out lied when informed of part of the placenta not attached to my uterus (they said that there was no gaps). Needles to say, I looked around and found a new OB clinic that was able to address all of my medical problems.

This OB was AMAZING! He has been an OB since 1979, and took over his fathers practice in 1999. He was a very friendly man and personally called to get me in with an endocrinologist for the diabetes, moved my NT scan up so we could check on baby girl, and even did a scan to make sure she was growing okay.

I have my NT scan tomorrow, and then will go back to see him  at 16 weeks to check in on Lily.


Please note, this post was written on June 27th. 


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