Information Overload

I really need to post more often. Life happens so quickly, and things change constantly! So much has happened since my last post. 

Luke is doing amazing. He’s talking more and more every single day. It’s so amazing watching him learn and grow. He’s such an adventurous little boy. He loves to play outside and explore every nook and cranny. He helped daddy dig out a tree stump, and a broken clothes line pole. 

He went fishing and wanted to be just like Daddy.

He’s outgrowing food allergies left and right. He LOVES his glass of milk at bed time, could eat pasta for breakfast lunch and dinner, has cereal for breakfast almost every day and still can’t get enough peas. 

We did go in for an abdominal ultrasound for Luke, and need a liver function panel done. He has been having very very pale, almost white, poops. At night he wakes up screaming in pain and screeches when his tummy is touched. Our amazing GI thinks that he might have something going on with his liver. We should know more soon, but for now he is a happy, healthy, active little boy, full of love and full of life. 

Logan is doing so great too. Last week was a big week for him! Not only did he start sitting up on his own, but he also started “chewing” and swallowing foods. For a child who refused any kind of tummy time for the better part of 5 months of his life, this kid is really on the move now! He scoots, rolls, army crawls and frog hops with the best of them. 

This week, Logan had surgery to repair some slight issues with his penis. He was born with a slight curve to the left, and some twisting (torsion) of the skin on the shaft. As he grew/grows older, this would have caused some more serious issues in the future. He handled the surgery like a champ! He was such a good guy going in, woke up quickly and happily and even kicked his own IV out so he could go home. 

Logan is such an amazing little boy and I can’t wait to watch him grow. He has such a big heart. His smile lights up a room, and can make even the crankiest of people happy. He worships his big brother and tries so hard to do whatever brother does. 

Pregnancy has been quite complicated. Before I go on, I do have some super exciting news! We (mainly me, but Ronny said it was fine), decided to find out the gender of the baby using the Sneak Peak test. It’s a simple blood test in which you prick your finger using the provided lancets and collect blood in the provided vial. You are to sterilize the environment before even opening the box, and make sure no males are around. Our results came in on Wednesday, and we revealed to family and friends on Thursday:

While there is still a possibility that this baby is a boy, we are thrilled to know that we are welcoming a baby girl to our family. Her name will be Lily Elizabeth Ann. 

So, back to the pregnancy. At first (and second) scan, Lily was measuring almost a week behind. At the last ultrasound, she has picked up 3 days growth and is now only measuring 2 days from where she should be. She has given us quite a fright though. 

I am currently on bedrest until my NT scan.  Last week I started having some pretty major cramps and pressure in my lower abdomen. A few days later I started bleeding very heavily. I went into the OB and they could not find the source of the bleed (we know it’s vaginal, but can’t find where my uterus is bleeding) or the cramping. 

I think that’s about it, so I’ll leave with more pictures of our adventures:


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