Hospital Admittance

After a hellish week of almost non-stop puking and multiple days in a row not able to keep anything down, my husband brought me to the emergency room for fluids on May 31st. Two bags of fluids, a urine culture and 5 vials of blood later, the on call OB wanted to admit me. My glucose levels were high, I was spilling ketones in my urine at 4+, and the blood tests were starting to show the beginning stages of malnourishment. I politely declined admission because I have 2 boys under 2 to take care of, and a husband who works. While upset, the OB understood and let me go with the promise I would come back if I was still in bad shape.

Friday, June 2nd was my OB appointment. Baby L is growing great! S/he is still measuring a bit behind, but is right on track as far as growth from 2 weeks prior. The OB I saw however, was not thrilled with my HG being uncontrolled and glucose levels topping out in the 150’s fasting and 240’s after meals. She pushed me to head straight to the hospital for admittance. This is a crucial time in the development of the baby, and we don’t want something to happen because of my body being wonky. I asked if it was possible to go in on Sunday instead of Friday, because Saturday was my birthday. She said in the grander scheme of things, 1 day wasn’t going to make a bit of difference and agreed. 

June 3rd, my family and I went fishing at a lake in town for my birthday. My husband and I talked about it and determined we (I) would go in later that day instead of Sunday. The sooner I got in the sooner I got to leave. We had a blast fishing.

After a bowl of stew and a slice of ice cream cake, we headed in. My glucose level was low, so they started fluids with added sugar. I was put on iv meds to get the puking under control and left to my own devices. The machine for the fluids is sensitive and kept going off all night. It sucked. 

Today has been a bit better. I’ve had 24+ hours of round the clock fluids and am feeling pretty okay. I’m still nauseous as all hell but haven’t thrown up in about 6 hours. We’ve switched to oral meds again and are going to see how I do with them. I am supposed to meet with the dietician/endocrinology teams tomorrow to formulate a plan for the diabetes and see where we go from here. Hopefully they’ll let me go on Tuesday. 

I voiced my concerns with staying hydrated and the doctors office has said they will think about home health for fluids once or twice a week. I am also thinking of asking for the zofran pump because iv meds are so much more effective. 

As I sit in the hospital, I am so thankful for health care professionals that are willing to listen to me…..but I don’t want to be here. I want to be home with my babies (who are giving daddy hell). I want a pregnancy that I enjoy and I want to feel good. 

Fingers crossed


3 thoughts on “Hospital Admittance

  1. Well 1. I’m so glad to hear the babes is measuring good and it’s all well; even if you’re not feeling great 😐 2. It def seems like you have a great team of drs on your side 😄 3. Blah hospital stays blow. I hope you can hightail it out of there soon!
    Thanks for updating- I was hoping everything was okay!


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