Blessed But Stressed

It’s no secret that this baby is a miracle child. After getting through 2 forms of birth control and waiting several days for an egg, this little person was destined to be here. We are incredibly blessed to be expecting our third baby, but this is destined to be my most difficult pregnancy yet. 

My pregnancy with Logan wasn’t easy. I had Hyperemesis the entire time I was pregnant, which ultimately led to a picc line for 24 weeks, I had gestational diabetes which caused an early than planned delivery, he was breech the entire time, I had a subchorionic hemmorage that never resolved, placenta previa until 24 weeks, and had contractions from 21 weeks. 

Yesterday was my first official OB appointment with this baby. It started with an ultrasound, and then moved to the OB visit. My ob came in (the same one I had with Logan) and said that we needed to talk. She said that before the appointment she was thinking about sending me to a specialized high risk clinic to co-manage the pregnancy. I had 3 big things against me- HG, diabetes and short time period between delivery and pregnancy, that put me out of the scope of their care. But since she managed me with Logan it might not have been an issue. She then went on to tell me that the ultrasound found a few more “issues” that completely put me out of their scope and that she needs to refer me to the super high risk clinic. There is a very large subchorionic hemmorage in my uterus right behind the baby. Not a super big deal, had one with Logan that never resolved. There is also a section of the placenta (where it has already formed) that is not attached to my uterus at all. 

This is scary beyond all reason. There is a chance that the baby will not get the nourishment she (or he) needs and will miscarry. There is also a chance that the gap will reattach itself. At this point it’s a waiting game to see what happens. The good thing is my hormone levels are perfect and the baby is measuring alright (5 days off, but still within the realm of normal) with a perfect heart beat. 

The other stressful thing is that hg has already reared its ugly head. I’m down 7 pounds now and I’m only 7 weeks along. I cannot keep anything down and my previous go tos are not working. The lab work when I went in to the er for fluids on Saturday already shows dehydration and the start of malnourishment. 

I have an appointment next Friday with the high risk ob. We will do an ultrasound, and go over the diabetes, hg and make a plan for baby. 

This is scary


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