The Biggest Change of My Life

It has been so incredibly difficult to not say anything to anyone (aside from family members), but Ronny and I have made the biggest purchase of our lives. We’ve been looking for a house to buy since the end of March. I am so excited to announce (FINALLY) that we closed on a house today. 

I’m not sure if we got the house, or it got us. It kind of fell right into our laps, and we got an amazing deal. 

While out looking at a house, a man drove by and parked right in front. He watched us the entire time we were in the house…. When we were done, he called our realtor over and was asking her about being his real estate agent and invited us over to look at a 2 bed 1 bath house he was going to list. Talk about nervy. I thought for sure we were headed to our death. I called my mom and told her if she didn’t hear from me in 20 minutes to call the police, I shared my location to a few friends and told them to call the cops if they don’t here from me and made Ronny take his pocket knife in. 

Turns out the guy was really nice and had a cute house to sell. Him and his wife had bought the house when the lady across the street from their house had passed away. They fixed it up, rented it out for a little bit and then wanted to put it on the market. 
While looking at the house, the man showed us the garage. There was a small fishing boat in the garage and I asked if he would throw the boat in….and he said yes. So not only did we get a house, but we have a boat now too.

The house needs a little bit of work, and we have some plans to remodel, but we are officially home (and boat) owners


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