Logan is 4 Months Old!

When my husband and I tied the knot almost 4 years ago, children were a big part of what was next in our future. Struggling to conceive Luke, and even the loss before conceiving Logan, I never imagined actually being in a place where I would be writing an update on how our second baby was doing at 4 months old. I am so proud and excited to say that Logan is doing so amazingly well.

We took Logan in for his 4 month check up today, and he is growing like a little weed. He’s 13 pounds 13 ounces, 25 inches tall and his head circumference is 41.5 cm. (As a comparison, Luke was 13 pounds 10 ounces, 25 inches tall and had a 41 cm head circumference). He is dropping percentiles as far as weight goes, but overall is growing so well that it isn’t really a concern. His ears are clear, his eyes are perfect (although he does have one blocked tear duct that we are hoping resolves by the time he’s 1) and his mouth is superb.

Developmentally, he is ahead of the game…..even for a baby who was born on time. The doctor did say that we should adjust his age since he was born slightly early, but that even without the age adjustment he is beyond where he should be. I think we have his big brother to thank for that. Logan is always trying to do what brother does.

LOVES: momma, daddy and brother, food, sitting in the sit me up chair, his stuffed elephant, sleeping, kisses, warm baths and trying to get brother to pay attention to him.

HATES: tummy time, getting his nose picked, waiting for anything, taking medicine, not being in on the “action”, anything cold, clothes and pacifiers.

Logan has really developed a personality this past couple weeks. He is such a fun loving, smiley little boy. He talks all the time, and lets us know when he’s unhappy. He started laughing about 2 weeks ago, and doesn’t seem to stop. He thinks his brother is the funniest guy around, and even laughed when Luke was horsing around pretending to fall off the bed.

Speaking of sleep, Logan doesn’t really seem to enjoy napping during the day. He’s to the point where he knows that life is continuing around him and doesn’t want to miss anything. When he does sleep, he prefers to be in the rock n play or the crib on his own. He doesn’t like to co-sleep the way Luke did/does. He currently wakes 1-2 times a night, usually between 1 and 2 am, and then again around 5 am for a bottle and then goes right back to sleep. He’s usually up by 7:30, ready to start the day.

As far as feeding goes…..we are switching things up a bit. Logan has been on Elecare since he was 2 weeks old because he was pooping blood on the Similac Alimentum. He has been growing great on the Elecare, but has been throwing up a lot and never seemed to be satisfied. In fact, he would drink approximately 36 ounces of formula a day on the Elecare (and no, we weren’t over feeding him….he was just hungry all the time.) At the recommendation of the GI, we began a trial of the Alimentum ready to feed to see how the milk allergy was going, and to see if corn could be the culprit. I am so pleased to say that Logan passed the trial on ready to feed, so we don’t have to fight with insurance over the Elecare any more. He didn’t pass the powdered Alimentum though. Today we were given the go ahead to give oatmeal a try and see how he does with solids. I think he’ll do okay.

Aside from that, we are still working through some medical stuff with him. He has been vomiting quite a bit lately, and sometimes is a very gross green color. He had an upper GI today to take a peep. His anatomy seems to be where it should and is working fine, but it did show a pretty hefty case of reflux. He’s never seemed to be in pain or anything from it so we didn’t know it was there. He also is anemic, and we are trying to figure out what’s going on with that. At 2 months, his hematocrit level was 8….so super low. We did a repeat blood draw and his numbers had gone up slightly, but were all very consistent with low iron levels. He’s on iron supplements and will have a re-draw in a few weeks. If his numbers don’t go up he’ll probably get a blood transfusion. The thought is that his body killed off a lot of red blood cells when he was in the hospital fighting the unknown infection, and we are just waiting for his body to pick up production on its own….which happens around now anyways.

Here are some pictures of my mini monkey for your viewing pleasure:


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