One Sick Logan

Yesterday I posted that Logan was sick. Boy, oh boy is he sick. So sick in fact, he has landed himself in the hospital. Saturday afternoon, Logan started coughing after I burnt dinner (balsamic roast). The fumes were strong and we were all coughing, so I thought he would get rid of it by morning. Unfortunately on Sunday his cough was worse. I sat in steam with him, my husband sat in steam with him, we turned on a humidifier…..did everything we could to help him feel better. As the day progressed, he got even worse.

Monday morning when the boys and I woke up, Logan’s lips, hands and feet had a blue tint to them. I called into the pediatrician and made an appointment for that same day. I took my mom to an appointment, where Logan slept the entire time. He didn’t appear to be in any distress so we continued about until his appointment.

After checking in and getting called back to the room, I showed the nurse how his face was bluish around his mouth. She agreed and put the o2 meter on him right away. His oxygen level was at 77%, his heart rate was in the 190’s and he was obviously not doing well. The nurse ran out quickly, and in a matter of seconds in came 2 doctors, another nurse, and the original nurse with an oxygen tank. One of the nurses got Logan hooked to the oxygen, another hooked him up to another o2 meter, one took Luke out of the room and carried him around while she checked in other patients, one doctor kept a close watch on Logan and another took notes before calling for an ambulance. Because Logan’s oxygen level was so low, his body was starting to shut down…..reserving what oxygen he had for the brain, lungs and heart. He needed to get to the hospital, and had to be transported via ambulance so that his oxygen levels could be monitored and he could be hooked up to air for the ride.

Ronny was working, so I called him to come pick up Luke from the doctors office. Thankfully, he only works a few blocks away and was able to get to the office just as the paramedics were wheeling Logan and I out. Luke stayed with the nurses until Ronny could get to him. Thankfully, the nurses love him and he loves the nurses so it worked out alright.

Logan and I were put into a room while we waited to find out what was next. He was given oxygen, but every time he was taken off he would drop levels quickly. He had an x-ray taken to rule out pneumonia, and a swab to test for flu and RSV. He tested negative for all 3, was given an albuterol treatment and then admitted because he wasn’t improving.

He had been up and down since Monday night. Sometimes he would be looking great and they would try to take him off the oxygen and he would plummet way too quickly back into the 70’s. Sometimes they had the oxygen on full blast and he was still struggling. He wasn’t eating, wasn’t peeing or pooping, and was just miserable. An IV was started, along with a high pressure o2 thing and more oxygen. His chest was so tight and so full of thick, sticky mucus that he struggled to breathe. Thursday night he seemed to take a turn for the better. He started coughing up mucus and was more alert. The albuterol treatments really helped and he was improving quickly. He did suffer a minor set back, and his heartrate skyrocketed into the 200’s, as a side effect of the albuterol.

After that little episode, Logan started rapidly improving. He went down from 8 liters of pressure to 4 liters, and from 30% oxygen to 25%. The next thing we knew, he was totally off of the high pressure and didn’t need oxygen anymore either. He fell asleep where he passed his first check to go home. In order to go home, he needs to maintain at least 88% oxygen for 2 hours while asleep. He’s been holding stead at 95% without support all day now. He is still hooked to the IV and monitors to make sure that he’s hydrated and monitor his o2 levels, respiratory rate and heart rate, but it’s more precautionary than necessary.

He is currently resting, waiting to see when we can go home. We are hoping sometime today, but it may be tomorrow.



14 thoughts on “One Sick Logan

  1. I’m glad he’s doing better so quickly. Are they continuing to do any tests to see what caused all of this? I hope they’re going to try to figure it out, to try to help prevent it from happening again!

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