The first two weeks of Logan’s life

Logan will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone, and am in even more disbelief that he is here and not still in my belly. 

This past almost 2 weeks has been interesting to say the least. Logan man (the nickname I have for him) is doing really well overall. At his 1 week check up, he had already put on 3 ounces from the 1/2 pound he lost and had no signs of jaundice. He has a healthy appetite (no wonder I was always so damn hungry) and is very slowly getting better at breast feeding. Because he was a bit early, Logan didn’t have as much suction as he needed to get my ever so small supply of milk out and relied heavily on ready to feed bottles for nutrition. Now that my milk is actually starting to come in, and he is getting a bit better with sucking things are going better, but still not there yet. 

We are dealing with some issues….some of which I am ready to talk about, some more serious and not sure how to approach the subject without completely spiraling out of control. Logan does have a milk allergy, just as Luke does. Right now he’s on ready to feed alimentum, but may be switched to Elecare in the very near future. Two days into life, I noticed the start of mucus and blood in his poop. We were switched to alimentum immediately. At his 1 week appointment he still tested positive for blood in the stool. The plan is for me to cut out all dairy from my diet and re-test him at his 2 week appointment. We did try powdered alimentum, which caused diarrhea and gas…so now we are back to the rtf stuff. Hopefully he can stay on that and not need elecare too. We find out tomorrow. 

The other issue I can talk about right now is an ultrasound on Logans hips to check for dysplasia. Because he was breech and scrunched up for so long, there is a possibility of dysplasia. Basically at 6 weeks we go in for an ultrasound and they will check things out. He does cry a lot when we manipulate his legs, and screams out if his legs are straightened. It’s scary to know that something could be wrong, but I have to believe that everything will be fine. 


7 thoughts on “The first two weeks of Logan’s life

  1. It’s funny, when I was a kid I always said I was going to name my boys Luke, Logan and Levi. 🙂

    Sorry to hear that there are issues going on with your little man. 😦 Tru had a hip ultrasound for being breech too and all was well. I hope for the same for Logan. I’m sure it must be very hard to already have to deal with the allergy issues. So sorry to hear that. He sure is a cutie! I bet Luke just loves his little brother.


  2. Oh, and also… Tru didn’t like his legs straightened out for the longest time! And yet his hips were fine. Maybe they just got used to being in that position so long. I just remember he kept his knees up at all times for quite awhile.


  3. So sorry to hear there are issues for your little guy, especially potentially serious ones 😦 At least with the dairy you knew the signs and could get onto it right away. I hope his hips are just fine as per the experience of the pp who also had a breech bub. Fingers crossed. He is completely adorable btw.

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