Surprise!! Logan Is Here!!!!!

Today has been an absolutely crazy day, which resulted in the birth of Logan. Here is a recap of what happened, and how we ended up in labor and delivery.

A few days ago, my glucose levels had a drastic drop. My fasting numbers were in the upper 40’s to low 50’s and the highest number I got after  a meal was 118 (after a GIGANTIC plate of pasta, a big piece of bread and a bowl of ice cream). I didn’t mention it to anyone because I wasn’t sure if it was a fluke, or if something was going on.

During our ultrasound this morning to see how he was doing on  fluids, and check his positioning, the ultrasound tech mentioned his weird position and said otherwise he was looking great. We got breakfast in between the ultrasound and doctors appointment because we had some time to kill.

When we met with the doctor, we went over what to expect during the c-section that was scheduled for the first of December. After we went over the c-section stuff, the ob asked me how I was doing and I mentioned that my sugar levels had gone crazy. She said that she didn’t like that very much and asked us to wait in the waiting room while she called the GD doctor to see if he wanted to proceed with a c-section today or do it tomorrow. About 15 minutes later the OB came out and told us to head directly to L&D. We were going in for a c-section (because he was still breech) and Logan would be here today. They thought that the placenta was shutting down and we needed him out.

Ronny ran home with Luke to get our delivery bag and Luke some clothes/bottle/formula  because he is spending the night with my parents tonight, while I headed over to labor and delivery. Everything from there happened really quickly. Doctors and nurses came in to chat and let me know what they would do. At 5 pm, we were wheeled back to the OR and started the procedure. I was put under general anesthesia.

Once I was out, they brought Ronny in for the birth of Logan. Once Logan was out, he was having some difficulties with breathing so they kept an eye on that. Otherwise he was perfectly healthy. I am a bit fuzzy on the details at the moment, but that’s okay. Ronny stayed with Logan while they finished stitching me up and bringing me too. I then met Ronny and Logan in recovery. We were there for a bit so Ronny called for everyone to come up and meet Logan.

Luke was so cute, pointing and saying “brother”. I think he knows that Logan is coiming now his baby. After a bit, everyone left and it’s just Ronny, Logan and I in a private suite. They upgraded our room because of the c-section.

Logan’s blood sugar levels were incredibly low, and I have not yet started making colostrum yet, so we are feeding him formula every 3 hours (closer if he’s showing hunger cues) and tomorrow we will start pumping and attempt to breast feed. He will also get a bath tomorrow and the pediatrician will come up to check him out. We do need to do something (not sure what) because of the way he was breech affecting his hips. They are also going to check and make sure he doesn’t have a chordee and hypospadia like Luke did.

I am falling asleep trying to type this, so I will finish the rest in the morning 🙂 Here are some pictures of my little squish


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