36 Week Growth Scan

Thursday we had our 36 week growth scan, bpp, fluid check and “regular” OB appointment. Logan is still looking good in there. He has a good amount of fluid still, so there isn’t any concern about leaking water. The placenta looks great, no signs of shutting down. It took about 10 minutes, but he passed his bpp with an 8/8 score. 

The growth scan is where it gets interesting. Logan was in a new position this week. His head was tucked up under my left rib (he is normally under my right rib, except last week his head was floating between my rib cage and hip bone) and he was kneeling in my pelvis, set to come out knees first. He was also facing my spine. He is still very much breech, and not in the best position for a vaginal delivery. Logan is also measuring in the 76th percentile and was estimated at 7 pounds 3 ounces. 

In the appointment with the doctor, we did the group strep b test again and talked about next steps. She did not check my cervix as previously discussed because of Logan’s position. 

Next week we go in for our normal fluid check and bpp and will sign the paperwork and go over the details of having a c-section on 12/1. There is if course a plan to go back to induction starting either Monday night or Tuesday morning if he flips, but everyone is preparing for a c-section instead of an induction. 


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