35 Weeks 3 Days: Did Logan Flip?

Today we had our 35 week appointment and regularly scheduled bpp/fluid check. The question of the day was whether or not he has flipped down. The answer was yes, and no……

Logan has gone from his head under my right rib and his legs tucked into my pelvis, to his head resting above my left hip and his butt between my hip and ribcage on the right. He is by no means considered head down, but he might be on his way there. 

So what does this mean going forward? At this point there are 2 options: 1) he stays breech or flips transverse and we continue with the c-section on December 1st, 2) he flips head down and we proceed with induction being started either the 28th or 29th of November based on what my cervix is doing. Either way, he will be here at 38 weeks. 

The good news is, he looks amazing otherwise. He passed his bpp in a few minutes, his fluid levels are looking great and we see him practicing breathing all the time. 

Next week we have a lot going on. We’ll have a growth scan to make sure he’s still growing appropriately, his bpp, a cervical check to see what’s going on down there, the gsb swab and decide if he’s coming via vaginal delivery or c-section. 


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