What’s New With Luke and Logan? And pregnancy update

Thursday was a big day for both of my boys. Luke had his 15 month check up, and Logan had his 34 week scan and doctor visit. 

Luke: is doing fabulous! He’s 30.5″ and weighs 21 pounds 9 ounces. They are really happy with his growth over the past 3 months. He’s got 3 molars popping through the gums and a fourth on the way. He was cracking the pediatrician up, which was funny. He decided to use her stethoscope and give himself a check up, and he kept trying to get her to look in his mouth more with the little light. The funniest part was when he was walking around the room “talking” to her. It was so funny to watch him just babbling away. 

Luke did get 3 vaccines: tdap, hep a and hep b. We declined the chicken pox vaccine and the flu vaccine. His next appointment is at 18 months.

Logan: is doing pretty good overall. He passed his bpp in like 3 minutes and seems to be holding up well. He looks a lot bigger on ultrasound, but we won’t know his updated stats until the 17th. He is still breech, and the OB said she doesn’t think he’ll flip (more on that below). Well sign the c- section paperwork the 17th and he should be here around 11:30am December 1st.

Pregnancy Update: things seem to be up and down with the pregnancy. My HG issues seem to be getting worse. The meds aren’t helping as much as they used to, and I am experiencing more vomiting as the days go on. I’m still way better off with the picc line than I was without it though. 

I’m struggling hard core with my glucose levels. Trying to stay within my carb limit for meals and snacks leaves me feeling hungry and depressed. I’ve started to either go without eating or completely binge on things I can keep down. My levels are now seeming to be all over the place. Sometimes they are super high, and others they bottom out. I’m a bit nervous that the placenta is starting to go and Logan will be here earlier than we think because of it. 

My weight has finally leveled off. I’m pushing 175 now. That makes me 75 pounds heavier than I was when I got pregnant with Luke, and 53 pounds heavier than my starting weight when we found out we were pregnant with Logan (69 pounds gained overall from my lowest weight). It’s hard to look at myself in the mirror with all the extra weight. None of my clothes fit right now (Ronny’s clothes don’t fit me either) and I’m so big everywhere. The weight is certainly put a strain on my body. 

As I mentioned above, Logan is still breech. After discussing all of the options at length Ronny, the OB and I feel like a planned c-section is going to be the safest route for both Logan and myself. He is not in a position that is deliverable vaginally, so that option is out right off the bat. 

  1. Spinning babies: Because of the issues I have with my back (spina bifida and a fracture), I cannot safely try the positions on the spinning babies website. The risk of further damage to my back doesn’t outweigh the slim chance he will flip head down. 
  2. Chiropractic adjustment: the OB suggested meeting with a chiropractor on the off chance it helps. She doesn’t believe that his malposition is due to misallignment in me, and said it’s a long shot. I’d rather save my money for Luke and Logan, than spend it on something that probably won’t work. 
  3. Acupuncture: another option that no one really thinks will work, so why waste the money? Basically, an accupuncturist puts a few needles in you and burns an incense at the feet of the pregnant woman….and the baby flips down.
  4. Ice packs/heat packs and music: hasn’t worked yet so I don’t think it will
  5. ECV: this is the last option we discussed. An ECV isn’t an option because of the numerous risks involved. 1) because of my back issues, I am not a candidate for an epidural or any type of spinal anesthetic. This means that they would be unable to give me pain medication during the ECV, which is apparently incredibly painful. 2) since I can’t have a spinal, if something goes wrong it is a lot more dangerous and more difficult to sedate me and get me into the OR in time. 3)because I’ve had a previous uterine surgery and a heart shaped uterus, I’m at a higher risk of uterine rupture. This isn’t good for anyone. 

I think that’s about it. We are so thrilled that both of our guys are happy, healthy and safe. A few more weeks and we will be meeting Logan! 


2 thoughts on “What’s New With Luke and Logan? And pregnancy update

  1. Glad that both boys are doing well. Sorry that you are struggling in so many ways. Not too much longer! I’d say the c section is a very wise choice all things considered. Mine was mostly all good. Of course there are things that could have went better but that is equally true for my vaginal birth as well. 🙂 It will be fine, I’m sure. The fact that it’s planned…. eek! So exciting!!


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