Plans Are In Place

This past week has been quite the whirlwind……but amongst all the chaos, we finally have an end in sight. Things couldn’t be working out more perfectly than they are lining up to be at the moment. As long as everything continues on the path it’s going now, it should be smooth sailing from here. 

OB Plans:

The biggest question we had going into the 30 week OB appointment was, “what now?” Thankfully she has been amazing and has broken protocol for us because of just how much is going on. Practice policy is to visit with all doctors starting at 20 weeks because you never know who is going to end up on call when you go in to deliver. We have been lucky enough to see her every visit but 2 this pregnancy, and all future appointments and delivery will be with her as well. So here’s the breakdown:

1) Starting at 32 weeks, we will go in twice a week for appointments. On Monday’s we will go in for a non-stress test. Basically they will hook Logan and I up to monitors to see how we’re both doing. If everything goes well, we get to go home…..if something is off we go to l&d. Thursday appointments we will also have a non stress test, followed by an ultrasound to check fluid and end with a quick once over by the OB.

2) We will have growth scans at 32 and 36 weeks to make sure that Logan is growing appropriately. Luke stopped growing at 36 weeks according to the files sent over from our old practice. So this is a critical time for us. The HG could cause the baby to stop growing and the GD could cause him to grow too much. 

3) Depending on how my glucose levels are, we will be inducing at either 38 or 39 weeks. The doctor will do a cervical check at my Thursday appointment to see if I need to go in Monday night to start the process or Tuesday morning. Induction will either be 11/29 or 12/6…..unless he decides to come on his own earlier.

Internal Medicine Plan:

Again, I am so thankful for a knowledgeable and cohesive team. The doctor that manages my picc line and asthma is managing my GD as well. The initial dose of insulin wasn’t impacting my glucose levels like we want so he has made plans too. 

1) we bumped my bedtime insulin up from 24 to 36 units. 

2) We started a fast acting insulin at lunch and dinner to bring those numbers down. I am to inject 6 units at lunch and 6 at dinner.

3) I am to call Monday if we’re not seeing much change and can adjust over the phone. 

4) the picc Line will be in place through delivery and be removed within 24 hours of Logan arriving. 

5) Asthma is being well treated and doesn’t need further attention unless I start having trouble breathing again.
Overall, everything is going rather smoothly despite my body’s best effort to put a wrinkle in the plan. As long as things continue to go well, we should be meeting our little boy in 7-8 weeks or so!


7 thoughts on “Plans Are In Place

  1. As a second time mom with GD who carried well over term the first time around without anyone EVER mentioning intervening or inducing along the way, I’m always perplexed and somewhat confused when I hear people saying that having GD pretty much automatically means you won’t be allowed to carry to full term. Why, if the baby is growing well and doesn’t measure huge, and you are feeling fine? I would have been so pissed if someone had made me induce at 39 weeks when he was still under 8 pounds at 41 weeks. So definitely not a size issue. Is it because you have so many other things going on and many other factors to take into account?

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    • It’s everything combined. Logan is already measuring big so there is some concern with his size. But it’s also everything else as well. Right now my glucose levels are no where near controlled enough, I’ve been having contractions that are slowly shortening my cervix for weeks, the HG is still not controlled even with meds and fluids and I haven’t been sleeping again this time around. It’s a lot for one pregnancy and overall better to induce slightly early when he’s fully developed than push on to God only knows when.


  2. I meant to message you last night and see how things were going. Did you get in with the nutritionist as well? I’m glad your Drs are figuring things out for you and getting everything lined up and in place. Sounds like you’re in a much better place right now than you were a week or so ago!! I’ve been worried about you, I’m happy to hear things are starting to smooth out a bit.

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      • That’s not very helpful at all!!! Is there one somewhere else that you can go talk to? They’re supposed to be there to support you and give you advice, not tell you to figure it out yourself!


      • They didn’t tell me to figure it out for myself. They told me to try and get more protein in because right now the only things that stay down are carbs. It’s hard to know what they can do for me given just how restricted I am from the HG. We’ve got protein powder and stuff to try to sneak into foods I can keep down to see how it goes. So far, not so great. HG and GD are combating each other right now and they would rather I eat what I can keep down than eat and puke because that sets my body off even bigger than trying to add peanut butter or small bits of meat to meals.

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