28 (+4) Week Appointment

After spending a few hours in L&D a little more than a week ago, I thought for sure the 28 week appointment would be eventful…..and boy was I right!! 

My appointment time was 1 pm. The ob office sent me home with the glucola for the gestational diabetes test a month ago. I chose orange, which wasn’t horrible. I was supposed to drink half of the 100mg drink an hour before my appointment. The goal was to make it to the doctors office without puking so they could do the blood draw. Well…..I made it almost to the hospital. I puked 3 blocks away. The lab tech drew my blood anyways but we’re all pretty sure I bombed the test one way or another. Rather than do the test over, I was given a prescription for glucose testing supplies and told to test 4 times a day for a week. At the end of next week I’m to call with my glucose numbers so the doctor can either tell me everything is a-okay….or add GD to the list of things the prenatal internal medicine doctor is managing (hyperemesis and asthma are the other things he’s taking care of). 

After the GD blood draw, we went in for a cervical length check and growth scan to make sure Logan is growing as he should. I’m gigantic…..but my uterus is measuring spot on. My cervix has shortened from 5.5 cm last week to 4.3 cm this week, but since it’s still over 2.5 cm long were doing okay. Logan is still breech. He has 6 weeks to flip or we will start talking about planned c-section. He was measuring at 31+1 weeks, weighed approximately 3.3 pounds and is in the 68th percentile. Based on his average growth rate, they aren’t expecting him to be more than 8 pounds or so. He is a chunky little guy though. At one point in the scan it looked like he was waving at Luke. 

Other things that are going on: the med strike is over. I was so sick of having to take meds and fluids that I kinda stopped. That was a huge mistake as I reverted quite a bit. Now that I’m back on my fluids and med schedule, I’m doing a lot better again. 

I am retaining quite a bit of water. So much so in fact that my skin is starting to split and leak fluid. The ob took a look at my legs and said that unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do about it until after we have Logan. 

Also thanks to swelling, I have developed pregnancy induced carpal tunnel. My hands are in a constant state of numbness. I got some braces to wear at night, and we’ll see how things go. She said that if the braces dont help, she’ll send me over to the orthopedic place that did my ankle and foot surgeries for steroid injections in my wrists. This is another one of those things that are probably going to stick around until after Logan comes. 

I go back in 2 weeks for the 30 week appointment, and will have another scan at 32 weeks to check on Logan’s growth and position. 


5 thoughts on “28 (+4) Week Appointment

  1. Oliver was breech basically my entire pregnancy, until about 35 weeks, then he went head down. At 37 weeks he was extremely low, they assured me that if he flipped back around, I would know. At 38 weeks, breech again. I had no idea. Ha! They can move until the bitter end, in my experience anyway.

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    • Yep! Luke was transverse until 37.5 weeks when he finally went head down. I’m not too concerned about it right now. Nothing I can do right now to help him out, and he’s gonna come when and how he wants. All I can do is mentally prepare for the possibility of a c-section and hope for another vaginal delivery.


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