Luke, Logan and Life

I haven’t updated in a little bit, and have quite a bit going on in the world. Well, we all do.


Luke is continuing to do well. He came into contact with some cauliflower the other day and was covered in hives, but thankfully didn’t need to go in for emergency help. He’s saying more and more things every day, and is picking up on things that amaze us. He continues to be quite the little dare devil and is so ornery. The other day he climbed up onto his little bicycle, and stood on the seat so he could reach into a big thing that was filled with stuffed animals.

We haven’t gotten Luke’s hair cut yet, but it’s on the agenda.  I have noticed that he is going bald on the sides of his head from pulling out his hair. I can’t tell if he’s doing it out of stress or if hes pulling his hair trying to stay awake. I’m going to ask the doctor at his next appointment.

We are moving Luke to 18 month clothes. His 12 month stuff is getting too tight on him, but the 18 month clothing is so big he swims in it. Tall skinny babies have a hard time with clothes I think. Luke has a long torso and tiny legs, so his clothing is hard to snap due to his length, but his pants either drag on the ground or come up like high waters. His daddy is the same way.


Logan continues to grow well and is nice and healthy. I have another growth scan and cervical check on Friday to see how he’s doing. At 28 weeks, he continues to be breech. He likes to sit in my pelvis with his head up under my ribs. His feet are constantly moving right above or right behind my pubic bone. We aren’t too concerned at this point that he’s breech because he still has some time to flip. I’m not going to stress it. I figure whatever will happen will happen and I can’t change it. The plan is a c-section at 37 weeks if he is still breech then.

We did spend a few hours in L&D the other day. I was standing in the kitchen holding Luke, when I felt a pop in my abdomen. Went to set him down and a gush of fluid came out, and wouldn’t stop. My contractions picked up, and I was hurting bad. We went in and thankfully all of the tests came back negative, but everyone was prepared to deliver Logan if need be. We were discharged from the hospital with instructions to continue hydration through the picc line and stay off of my feet as much as possible.


This is perhaps the area that has changed the most. As many of you know, I submitted the paperwork 3 weeks ago to become an independent fashion consultant for LuLaRoe. The past few weeks have been a whirl wind trying to get everything set up and ready to go, so that I can start selling right away when I get the call to purchase my initial inventory. If you have’t already done so, join my VIP Facebook group at . I have a great giveaway planned for later this week, and will be doing more giveaways as I get closer to finally getting my inventory. I am looking for people interested into hosting an online pop up party. If you’re interested in earning free clothing and other rewards, let me know.

I’m working as hard as I can at cleaning up our apartment and getting things ready for Logan. It’s really not the easiest thing in the world right now though. I can’t reach the floor when I bend over, and my body hurts really bad about 5 minutes into cleaning. Add in the 1 year old tornado that roams the house looking for things to destroy and is a recipe for mess. We really need to get things cleaned out and organized, it just doesn’t seem to be getting done.

That’s just about all the updating I can do right now. I’m so tired I’m falling asleep at the keyboard. Have a great day!


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