26 Week Prenatal Appointment

It’s no secret that my body does some weird things while pregnant. As such, we’ve been having prenatal appointments every two weeks for awhile now. The big thing in the appointments is to check and make sure that the contractions aren’t making BIG changes to my cervix. This last appointment was absolutely hysterical.

The first thing that happens in the prenatal appointments is that I go in for a cervical scan to make sure my cervix is holding up alright. Each appointment we go to, my cervix is slightly shorter than the previous scan…..but it’s still long at 3.5 cm (last scan length). Logan does not like scans at all. When the tech put the wand where she needed to in order to check my cervix, Logan kicked so hard that the wand was almost expelled from my body. If she hadn’t been holding onto it, I’m sure it would have been kicked out. The entire time she was trying to get a good picture and measure, his little feet were working hard to make things as difficult as possible.

When the ultrasound tech switched things up and was using the abdominal wand to check fluid levels, Logan took that as his cue to start the real show. Everywhere she put the wand, he would punch at and then smile. He was sticking his tongue out afterwards and moving his mouth like he had quite a bit to say. It looked and felt like he was playing wac-a-mole with the ultrasound wand. We did get some great photos, including one of him smiling with his eyes starting to open.


He’s got the chubbiest little cheeks, and in the photo you can see his little fist all balled up and ready to punch again. And look at the grin on his little face! We were joking that we’re going to have tornado Luke and Hurricane Logan.

We go back in 2 weeks for another cervical length check, a growth scan and the GD test.


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