In Love With LuLaRoe

OMG!!!!! Where has LuLaRoe been my whole life? I got my first package of LuLaRoe clothing items in the mail today, and couldn’t wait to rip open the package and try things on. Every piece of clothing that I selected (a Randy shirt, maxi skirt and a pair of one size leggings) is so incredibly comfortable!

It is so incredibly easy to buy LuLaRoe clothing, and can be done from the comfort of your home. The first step is to join the VIP group LuLaRoe by Jamie and Sarah on Facebook. Jamie and Sarah are both amazing women, with excellent customer service skills. Any messages, comments or concerns are replied to very quickly and politely. They are both incredibly knowledgeable about the styles they sell, and can recommend the styles that will be most flattering for each person. Most importantly, they are passionate about the clothing and have fun bringing great clothes and great people together.

After joining the VIP group on Facebook, one of the first things you’ll notice is how much fun it is to be part of such a great group. Not only are sales held once a week (sometimes more), but there are also weekly giveaways and opportunities to win LuLaRoe cash or free products. Right now, if you join the LuLaRoe by Jamie and Sarah page as well as join a few fellow consultants pages, you can win up to $250 in LuLaRoe cash to spend at the next sale. Their next sale will take place on Friday, August 19th at 8 pm est. Jamie and Sarah also have open houses where you can look through the inventory and make your purchase in person. So if you live near Shelton, Connecticut be sure to stop in during an open house.

Another feature you’ll notice on the LuLaRoe by Jamie and Sarah page is the beautiful and professional way they display each article of clothing. Many LuLaRoe consultants use stock photos from LuLaRoe, or post a picture of each article of clothing up for sale either lying on a card table or hung on a hanger. Jamie and Sarah take the time to feature each article of clothing by taking a picture of the piece on a mannequin before posting the item for sale. Here is an example of just one beautiful display that will be featured in the next sale.


How are items purchased?

Purchasing items is so incredibly easy, and a bit of a rush. The majority of sales are done via pop up party on Facebook throught their closed group. Sale dates and times are posted a few days before the sale starts. Sales usually begin at 8 pm EST, and run for 24 hours. At 8 pm, either Jamie or Sarah will post an album for each style of clothing they are offering that night. Each pop up party features different styles, and clothing patterns change from week to week as patterns are bought and stock is replinished.

While waiting for a sale to start, be sure to fill out the shipping and billing form. Once the albums are posted, look through the album(s) you are interested in.  When you find an article of clothing that you want to purchase, you comment with the word SOLD on that picture. The first person to comment SOLD, wins the sale. You have to be quick because there are other women that are also browsing each album and quantities are limited. When the sale has ended, you will be emailed an invoice for the items you selected. You have 24 hours to pay the invoice, or the clothing goes back up for sale. Included in your total is the total for the item(s) purchased as well as a flat rate shipping fee. One item is shipped for $3.50, more than one item has a flat rate of $6.

When the invoice has been paid, your item(s) will be mailed out to you. Items are shipped no more than 48 hours after the invoice has been paid. Items are shipped via USPS, and will arrive 2-3 days after being delivered to the post office. A thank you card and a business card are included with your items.

So far, I am absolutely loving my LuLaRoe selections. If you remember from my previous post, I selected a pair of leggings, a maxi skirt and a Randy shirt. They are so incredibly comfortable, and I can’t wait for the party on Friday so I can purchase more.


5 thoughts on “In Love With LuLaRoe

  1. Welcome to the addiction; this is only the beginning 😳🙄☺️
    I went to a party one of my coworkers was holding- I usually don’t go to these kinds of parties because it’s usually expensive and you always feel guilty to buy anything.. But I was new to the company and felt like I should go to be social. I went in going to buy one item (if any) and I bought 3. I was also peer-pressured into hosting a party and its been an addiction ever since!
    I belong to 2 FB groups- one is a “mall” with over 100 consultants.. Sales are on Saturday and everything is organized by style. The other one has sales 3 times a week with 10-12 new consultants every sale. This one is nice because you can join their VIP pages if you find someone that has a lot of stuff you like.

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  2. Omg addiction, yes! I’ve been chatting on fb with the first person who commented on your post about our addicitons. I’m in so many fb groups now it’s not even funny. I did win a free skirt and shirt the other day so that was awesome. I also purchase a mystery bag of leggings 2 weeks ago and got 2 pairs for the price of one plus $5 in Lula cash. I told myself to hold off buying more for a while but bought another pair of leggings last night lol.

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