Gender Curve Ball: Is Logan Really Lily?

From the moment I found out we were expecting, I felt like this baby was a little boy. Call it mothers intuition, or the fact that we wanted a little girl so bad that we knew it probably wouldn’t be just because things rarely go the way we want. The gender of the baby has been really hard to call each step of the way.

Now before I go on, Ronny and I are extremely grateful to be having a healthy little baby. Despite all of my sickness, this little person is growing and developing just as he or she should. At the end of the day, we are happy with a healthy child, regardless of whether the baby will be Logan or Lily. 

Now, from the first scan I tried to determine whether or not the baby was a boy or a girl. I started with the Ramzi method, but was told by the ultrasound tech, the side of the placenta could change just by twisting the wand. In one image, Ramzi method said girl, in the next Ramzi predicted boy. The nub theory was inconclusive because the ultrasound tech wouldn’t even look. The skull theory didn’t reveal much as the baby had a rounded skull and a square jaw. Basically, going into the 20 weeks anatomy scan we had no idea if baby L was a girl or a boy. 

The anatomy scan was quick. This tech doesn’t dawdle at all and really only takes quick looks and pics. Baby L was in a horrible position for most of the scan, sitting in my pelvis. When she had me turn on my side, the baby dove even deeper and wouldn’t come out. At the end of the scan she asked if we wanted to know if we were having a boy or girl, and we said yes. A 30 second look, and we were given this picture:

And told that we were having a little boy. Now…..I don’t actually see a penis in the picture or on the screen during the scan. What I saw, and even still see is the umbilical cord. Needless to say I wasn’t convinced that the baby is a boy.

When I was in the hospital for monitoring the other day, the resident was pretty cool. She’s the first one I felt comfortable enough with to ask to take a sneak peek to verify we were having a boy. I wasn’t able to get a picture of what she saw, but she said (and I quote) “I can see the umbilical cord here, it’s not the best angle for a look, and unless we’re looking at the underside of the scrotum, I would say that this baby is a girl. In fact if you hadn’t told me it’s a boy I would say without a doubt it’s a girl.” 

So now we’re back in limbo. One person was sure it was a boy, one positive it’s a girl. Part of me feels stupid for even asking, but a bigger part of me is glad because I probably would have had a heart attack if we went through the whole pregnancy thinking we were having a boy and I delivered a girl. Right now I am still operating on the assumption that were having a boy and awaiting my next doctors visit where we can find out when my next scan will be. I should have one more before I deliver because of how sick I am. 

Logan or lily, it doesn’t matter because he or she is loved……


12 thoughts on “Gender Curve Ball: Is Logan Really Lily?

      • Yeah. I don’t know why they wouldn’t submit it. They were all “it’s not medically necessary”. I wanted to pull out the research that has been showing the benefits of generic testing for all babies, but it was the bitchy Doctor that I hate so I didn’t do it


      • I don’t understand. With all the complications you have been having, they won’t give you the test. And here I am, on my third pregnancy – never having as much as thrown up once, let alone anything more serious – and I get one for free simply due to my age.

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      • That’s the way it works I guess. If the blood test or scan had come back abnormal they would have automatically done the genetic test and it would be covered. But both tests showed such a low probability that it “wasn’t medically necessary”


  1. Oh my gosh, lol! I agree that no matter what, baby is loved, but I’d definitely be eager to know! We had the genetic screening & the doctor asked what my guess was and I had a strong intuition it was a girl- I was right! Keep us updated!

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