The Day After

It’s been about 24 hours since I was discharged from the hospital. Not a lot has changed. I’m still painfully contracting every 2-3 minutes, and fluid occasionally leaks out. Things continue to be the same, and I’ve been parked on my parents couch all day today. I’ve gotten up a total of 3 times: twice to pee and once to get a bowl of cereal. Ronny is on his way to come get us and take us home, where I will be parked on the couch until bed time.

I did want to clear something up though. I’ve gotten a couple messages and people in real life have asked why the doctors chose to discharge me from the hospital without giving me medications to stop the contractions. First off, I totally trust the doctors that are watching me during this pregnancy (well, not one but I refuse to see her). They have done more for me than the other clinic ever did.

Now, the reason why medication wasn’t used to stop the contractions is because the contractions aren’t causing any changes to my cervix, and my waters are in tact (or in tact enough that Logan has enough fluid around him to not cause a worry there). There are risks associated with the medications used to stop labor. The most commonly used medications should only be used for a few days, and comes with the risk of causing issues with Logan’s bones and an increased risk in pre-eclampsia for me. Because the contractions aren’t actually changing my cervix, it would be the same as if I were to go in at 40 weeks with contractions that aren’t changing things….they send you home to rest. IF the contractions do start to do things to my cervix, or if my water breaks, we would then start the meds to stop labor for as long as possible and steroids would be given to mature Logan’s lungs. Right now, strict bed rest and careful monitoring of how I am feeling are all that is needed.

As far as the anemia goes, we are just watching the levels for now because I continue to be unable to keep oral medications down, and the liquid version of iron comes with the fun side effects of upset stomach, nausea and vomiting…..which wouldn’t be the best for someone who is already fighting a losing battle with nausea and vomiting. If my levels drop enough, they will add iron to my daily regimen of picc line medication, but as of right now the level isn’t significant enough to warrant the side effects of the oral iron supplements.

Rest assured that my doctors have every intention of doing what is best for both Logan and myself. I trust that they know what they are doing, without having to consult Dr. Google for confirmation that what they say is right.


13 thoughts on “The Day After

    • I definitely didn’t think you thought that at all. I actually hit publish right before you commented on the other post 🙂 it’s a question that I got a lot of today and why my doctors weren’t doing more. There really isn’t anything more to do right now :). How are you feeling?

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      • Good! I never mean to offend anyone, but I know sometimes just reading things on here, that they can come across the wrong way or not how you mean them at all sometimes.
        I’m doing well. Tired because I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and worked a longer day today, but hanging in there. There are definitely days where I wish I could get more done…but, sometimes I really just can’t lol!


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