Scary Day/Week

This week has been one of the absolute scariest, stressful and overwhelming weeks of my life. I’ve been waiting to say anything about what’s been going on because I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, or what the outcome would be.

Last Monday, I took a pretty hard spill in a freak accident. I was standing in the living room and needed to vomit, and went running towards the bathroom. As I ran by Luke, he pulled a present off of a chair, causing me to fall and land directly on my belly where Logan likes to hang out. I didn’t think much of it at the time. I’ve fallen tons of times and nothing has happened. I told Ronny what had happened when he called me on lunch, and he asked if I had felt Logan moving. I had to think about it, and realized that he hadn’t moved at all since before I fell. I headed straight to L&D to make sure everything was okay. We were there for a couple hours hooked up to monitors, but in the end everything appeared to be okay. They could see what they called “irritations” to my uterus, which were contractions barely strong enough to register on the monitor.

They sent me home after several hours of monitoring, with instructions to come back if anything changed. Throughout the week, the contractions were increasing in intensity as the days went on. I continued to leak fluid at random times, most often when I had really strong contractions. I still didn’t think much of it. Yes, it hurt really bad….but how many times did I go to L&D with Luke? I figured it was just following the same path as my pregnancy with Luke.

Last night the contractions really picked up. I was up half the night crying because they hurt so bad, and was awoken several times from the pain. I decided to go in today just to make sure everything was okay. I got Luke’s stuff together, dropped him off with my parents and headed to the hospital. The hospital is a bit weird and you have to check in at the ER, and wait for someone from L&D to come get you.

The nurse was down pretty fast this time, and wheeled me into a room. I got on the hospital gown, gave a urine sample and was hooked up to the monitors. Logan is still too small to be placed on the fetal monitor. They could see contractions right away, every 2 minutes and strong.

I had to wait a little while, because the doctor was delivering a baby. While I waited, the nurse checked for amniotic fluid. The first test came back positive. With the positive amniotic fluid test and the strong contractions, I was told that I was in labor and that my husband needed to get to the hospital for delivery. The resident came in to talk to me and said that we were in a really bad situation. I was in labor, and Logan is too tiny to survive if I were to have to deliver him.

I was absolutely terrified. I was in the hospital by myself, in so much pain from the contractions, and being told that I would most likely be giving birth to a baby boy that wouldn’t make it.

While we waited for Ronny to arrive, the resident came in to do some additional testing and make sure that Logan was doing okay. They started with an internal exam where they ran a second test for amniotic fluid, and checked to see what was going on with my cervix. The test came back inconclusive, and my cervix was closed. They brought in an ultrasound machine to check the little guy. He didn’t make things any more clear. There was plenty of fluid surrounding him, my cervix was nice and long, and his heart rate was nice and steady at 140 bpm. But, he was head down and pressing down on my cervix. All through this, I was continuing to have strong contractions every 2-3 minutes apart.

Ronny arrived pretty quickly and we waited while the doctors continued to monitor me and formulate a plan. The resident came in and spoke to us. She said that I am in labor, but the contractions weren’t strong enough to be causing any changes in my cervix. Because one amniotic fluid test was positive, one was negative, and one was inconclusive…..they can’t tell if my water had broken or not. Because the baby had a lot of fluid  around him, and the contractions weren’t changing my cervix, they decided to send me home on bed rest, with the promise I will come right back if something happens.

We did find out a few things while there though that are pretty interesting. The double contraction pattern I had with Luke, is the same contraction pattern I have with Logan at the moment. I contract twice in a row, and then have a brief pause before another wave of 2 comes through. I also learned that I am anemic. This is just going to be monitored because I won’t e able to take the supplements.

Right now, I am still contracting every 2-3 minutes. I am resting at home in bed. My mom has my car at her place and will come pick Luke and I up in the morning to take care of us while Ronny is at work. He will then pick us up and take us home. I am not going to take any chances because things can change so drastically very quickly.



13 thoughts on “Scary Day/Week

  1. Oh my gosh that is incredibly frightening. I hope things calm down. Can’t they give you some meds to stop the contractions. I have seen others in the blog world have them before I think. I hope it all calms real soon.

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  2. Oh no! I hope that things calm down and your contractions stop so that Logan can stay put for a long time! Be careful and don’t take any chances going forward. Aren’t there things they can give you to stop labor/contractions? Fingers crossed that everything goes well for you guys!

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    • I just posted about this 🙂 The meds to stop contractions come with their own set of risks, and since the contractions aren’t changing my cervix the risks to stopping the contractions outweigh the benefits. If things change and the contractions start changing my cervix they will give the meds without hesitation, but for now we just are watching and waiting to see what happens

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