Happy Birthday Luke

I can’t believe that my baby isn’t a baby anymore! We have officially reached toddlerhood. I am filled with both pride and sadness as I think about the past year, and how amazing of a transformation my baby boy has made.

He went from a little lump of skin and bones to a lively, funny, inquisitive, stubborn, handsome little boy. I am so amazed each day at how much he learns and all the new things he picks up along the way.

Luke does so much stuff now. He climbs on EVERYTHING. He has figured out how to move the baby gate to get to the kitchen and down the hall. He loves to play in the toilet water (yuck), and will climb into the tub just to get his alphabet letters. He is such a lover. He gives the best hugs, wet kisses and is a super snuggler. He loves to jabber at ladies, but is a bit shy when it comes to guys. He plays with just about anything he can get his hands onto, but has recently taken a real interest in coloring with colored pencils. He has figured out that you can put something in something else…..and is constantly putting stuff in the diaper bag.

Luke loves to eat. He still has some allergies that we are working through, but we have found a ton of things he can eat. His all time favorites are pasta with red sauce, bananas, and bread. He loves fruits and veggies. He doesn’t much care for meat at the moment….unless its a sausage patty from McDonalds.

Luke is still sleeping in our bed, but we are anxiously awaiting the day we can get him to sleep in his own space. He wakes up at least twice a night, but is getting better at sleeping all the way through the night.He loves to sleep  next to daddy because his little brother moves too much at night.

It has been such an amazing first year, and I am so proud of my little man. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching him grow and learn new things. I am so amazed that such an amazing little boy came from me.

Here are photos from his first year on earth.


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