So Frustrated!!

Today I went in to see the prenatal internal medicine doctor about the PICC line, and also the OB for my intake appointment. I left both appointments absolutely frustrated, with no clear direction. 

The internal medicine doctor had it in his notes (unbeknownst to me) to remove the picc line today. After talking to another doctor and informing him that I am still super nauseous and throw up daily even with the meds, they decided to give me 2 more weeks and then the picc line is coming out. He prescribed oral phenergan and told me that I need to wean from iv to oral meds in the next two weeks. I have no idea how he expects me to be solely on oral meds in two weeks when I can’t keep oral meds down now! 

I then went to my OB I take appointment. They were concerned about the PICC line as well and we’re trying to come up with a plan to take it out. The plan the midwife came up with (in conjunction with a high risk ob) was to admit me to the hospital in 3 weeks, where they would remove the picc line and then monitor my progress while still giving me iv fluids and medications. I would then go into labor and delivery for fluids as needed until delivery.

This is an absolutely stupid idea. Right now, the PICC line is doing exactly what it needs to do. I’m able to run fluids at night, which is preventing me from becoming dehydrated and losing conciousness. I’m able to give myself medications which is keeping the nausea and vomiting down a ton from where it was a few weeks ago……and the combo is allowing me to take care of Luke throughout the day. So I can’t fathom why the doctors are so gung ho about taking the picc out when I still obviously need it. 

I realize there is a lot of risk associated with the picc line. There is a chance that I could get an infection or a blood clot because of the line. But…..with proper care of the picc line that risk is greatly reduced. I am extremely careful with cleaning everything before and after pushing meds, and make sure to use saline flushes and heparin as prescribed to keep the line open and clot free. 

At this point I have no idea what to do. I do not want the picc line removed earlier than needed because I don’t want to spiral out of control. At the same time, I want the picc line out as soon as possible for safety reasons. Realistically, I can’t keep going into labor and delivery for fluids. It’s not a practical way to spend the remainder of my pregnancy, and not really something I can do with Luke. I also can’t be hospitalized again because there isn’t really anyone to take care of Luke while I’m there. I don’t understand why they would keep bringing me in for something that I’m already doing now thanks to the picc line……without major disruption to every day life. 

Le sigh! Any advice?


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