Finally A Free Minute

Luke is fast asleep next to me, so I am seizing the opportunity to get on here and do some posts! So much has been going on around here, and it’s so hard to find a free moment. I guess what they say about becoming a mother is true: you’re never alone, and always doing something. Since my last post quite a few things have been going on.

  1. Luke had his follow up with the GI, and is doing really well. He’s now 29.25″ long and weighs a whopping 19 pounds 4 ounces. He’s gained a pound and a half in 3 months. Food has really  been a big help with his growth. At this point his iron levels are up some, but still slightly low. The GI thinks that it can be managed  with iron enriched foods. We are also going to give Nutramigen a try again and see how he does with it. At 1 year, we can also try rice milk in place of cows milk, because he still can’t handle milk products. We go back in 3 more months and if Luke is still doing well we are going to be discharged!
  2. We have been discharged from home health. The nurse came out a total of three times: the initial visit was to show me how to administer the meds, the second she changed the bandages and the third she taught Ronny how to do the dressing change so she wouldn’t have to come out each week. It’s going to save us a ton! The PICC line is working pretty well, all things considered. I still throw up 5 or so times a day, and am still nauseous all day long……but I’m not puking as much as I was, and I haven’t lost consciousness again.
  3. Baby L is becoming more predominate in my belly. You can see where the baby is at because you can see the little bumps. This baby is so incredibly active it’s amazing. It’s hard to think that we are days away from the first time I went to the hospital with contractions with Luke. I have had a few braxton hicks with this baby, but nothing serious yet.
  4. My car went on the fritz, but is back to normal. The buttons on the door randomly stopped working one day, and then when it got hot I would lose all function on the dashboard. Turns out it was a short in a wire in the door causing the electrical panel to go nuts.
  5. Last but not least, over the weekend an inlay I had on a back molar came off…..bringing a giant chunk of tooth with it. I went back to the place I got the inlay because it was under warranty, and wound up needing a crown. My mouth is pretty sore, and when I threw up earlier it tasted like burnt tooth. The dentist was kind of a jerk too. I know that my mouth isn’t in the best shape……but after basically throwing up for a year, whose wouldn’t be? He should be counting his blessings that I didn’t puke all over him while he was working in my mouth.

I guess that’s it for now.


One thought on “Finally A Free Minute

  1. Sounds like things are going well overall. So good to hear that Luke is doing better with food and making progress there!! And that you’re doing better with the nausea! Hope things continue to go well.


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