Not The Post I Wanted To Write

Before anyone gets super freaked out, everyone is mostly fine. Luke is doing amazing things these days, and Baby L is a rockstar measuring days ahead of where s/he should be. I however have been suffering (which I would do over and over for the health and safety of my tinies). 

Friday morning I took Luke to the grocery store. We were running out of food and the little dude really needed to get out of the house. My car has been on the fritz, so we dropped Ronny off at work and set about our day. The day came to a halt at about 11am, when I lost consciousness as I was checking out our groceries. I had Luke in my arms and was asking the clerk to scan some soda (I was in the self check out lane). I wasn’t feeling so great and remember asking the clerk about the soda and then waking up to a horrible smell with Luke in the arms of a fireman, playing with the badge on his shirt. Turns out I started slurring my speech, set Luke in the buggy, sat down and passed out. The firemen happened to be in the store checking out their own groceries and came to my rescue. 

I convinced them not to call an ambulance and after a while they agreed. I headed straight to Ronnys work and he left his shift to take me to the er. My electrolytes were off and I was dehydrated (for the second time that week). After a couple doses of meds, some fluids and an embarrassing call to the nurses because I was so dizzy I couldn’t get up and peed the bed, we were sent home. 

I had my follow up with the ob today. She is quite concerned about how little I am eating and drinking (despite my best efforts), and sent me over to the hospital for admission. They want to run some blood tests to see where my levels are and then discuss next steps. Most likely they will put in a picc line and deliver nutrition via an IV so that I can continue to nourish the baby inside of me. But who knows. 

I’m at the hospital now, waiting for the resident to come check me out and get the ball rolling. For up to date info, stay tuned to my Facebook page. It’s easier to update.


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