NT Scan….Success or Fail?

Today I went into the OB for a fifth attemp at getting the NT measurement via ultrasound. In the previous 4 attempts, the baby was in a really bad position. Today was not unlike the other attempts. Little L likes to lay on the side and face out toward the world. 

After a bunch of positional changes, and a tech who wouldn’t stop shaking my stomach we finally got the measurement needed. Baby L’s nuchal measured at 1.8mm which is really good. They also did the blood draw and will have the results back next week. 

While at the OB’s office, they asked how I’m doing from the er visit the day before. The doctor looked at both mine and Luke’s sunburns and said that we are both showing signs of an allergic reaction to the sunscreen we used. Luke’s poor face is peeling so bad

And I am now covered in blisters ranging in size from the tip of a pen to a quarter or more. So now we are on the hunt for a sunscreen we can both handle. 

Day by day…..that’s all we can do 


3 thoughts on “NT Scan….Success or Fail?

  1. No fun. I’m sensitive to sunscreen as well.

    I stopped using it unless going out for long periods. And even then it’s only because it’s already on my hands from lathering up Jude.


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