Best Birthday Weekend Ends With ER Visit

I turned 32 on Friday, and had probably one of the absolute best birthday’s that I’ve had in a really long time. Three years ago, my birthday was basically cancelled because we were getting married in 5 days and had too much to do. Two years ago I had just had uterine surgery and was in a pretty bad place physically, and was preparing for surgery 8 days later. I did have a surprise birthday party though, that was great. Last year I was pregnant, huge and didn’t feel well. We basically skipped my birthday because there wasn’t much that I wanted since I was having a baby the next month.

This year was great! Well…..most of it was anyways. The day started out pretty crappy. I scheduled our nuchal translucency test for 9 am, so that we could see the baby and get the measurements needed on my birthday. The baby wasn’t having it though. S/he was in a bad position for the 4th time and the ultrasound tech just kept wiggling my belly. I almost puked on her a few times because of it. When it was evident that the little bean wouldn’t move, the US tech threw a hissy fit and hasitly checked my placental location for all of 2 seconds instead of the in depth scan I was told about. The doctor pretty much didn’t answer any of my questions, chalked up the back pain I’ve been having to pregnancy and wanted me to pay $350 for the visibiliT test and refused to call the insurance company for pre-authorization. At the end of the appointment, we didn’t have any new information about the little person and had a horrible doctors visit.

Ronny took me out to breakfast after the appointment. Luke came with us. It’s so fun taking Luke to restaurants now. He can’t eat much there due to his allergies, but he looks like such a big boy sitting in his high chair and playing on the table. He was the light of the party…..and the food was pretty good too. We then dropped Luke off at my mom’s house and went and ran some errands. One of which was getting fishing stuff for the next day, and then going out to dinner.

Yesterday, we went to a lake I went to quite a bit as a kid for some fishing. It was a great family affair. My dad, mom, brother, brother’s girl friend, husband and son were all there. The only thing missing was my sister and her family. Luke had a blast playing on the shore, and exploring. He did get slightly burnt despite putting sun screen on him numerous times, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering him. Between the 6 of us (7 if you count Luke) we caught over 30 fish and kept 4 of them. Ronny and I each caught 4 fish and Luke was able to catch a fish too! We were just horsing around and I was holding his hands on the pole to let him reel it in, and there was a fish on the end of the line. The fish came off on its own right at the shore, but when we recast, and I let Luke reel in the pole again we caught the same fish. It was awesome!

Unfortunately, I got pretty sun burnt myself. I put sunscreen on numerous times, but had forces working against me. I already am prone to burning, but when you add in the fact that pregnant women burn easier and that taking steroids increases your burn factor too…..I didn’t stand a chance. By the time we got home my legs and feet were swelling, I threw up all over the grass right outside of our apartment, I was so cold that I couldn’t get warm despite wearing pajamas a robe and 3 blankets. Movement was excruciating and I threw my back out trying to rock Luke to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning I was really bad off. I quite literally couldn’t get out of bed. My legs were throbbing and my back was locked up. I wound up calling my mom, who stopped by  Whole Foods and got Ronny’s house key so she could come take me to the ER. I wound up getting 2 bags of fluids (I could use more, but they are quick to push you out the door), a dose of morphine, a dose of zofran via IV and a patch to put behind my ear. I still can’t stand up and my legs are in an extreme amount of pain.

I have the repeat NT scan tomorrow, so I am going to talk to the doctor because this isn’t normal pregnancy problems. Something is going on with my back beyond pgp and spd.


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