Pregnancy Update: Weeks 8-11

The past 4 weeks of this pregnancy have gone pretty well, all things considered. Baby L is doing really well overall. He or she is measuring 3 days ahead as of our last scan. That was a bit of a shock, considering Luke measured spot on the entire time I was pregnant with him.

As of Friday Baby L was measuring slightly over 5 cm, which according the interwebs is about the size of a lime. She or he is a very active little one and has been busy jumping. I can tell because occasionally the baby bumps into my pubic bone. I’ve been feeling movement (and yes, it’s movement not gas) since about the 10.5 week mark. It’s not every day, and it’s not noticeable on the outside yet, but I can feel little bumps every once in a while.

Week 10 also marked the first week where I had any pregnancy symptoms aside from the HG. My boobs started to hurt, especially when Luke would push on them. They are also quite a bit bigger. My B cup post Luke has turned into a solid C, small  D cup as of late. Not gonna lie, I am loving the bigger boobs!

Nausea and vomiting continue to run my life. I spend a large portion of the day in the bathroom. The Zofran + Phenergan combo was no longer working, and I got pretty bad. Thankfully a new OB prescribed steroid therapy, which has been shown to reduce/eliminate nausea and vomiting when medications no longer work. I felt FABULOUS on 40mg of prednisone. When I dropped down to 20mg I felt pretty good until 4pm, and then felt like shit. At 10mg, I began vomiting again and was no longer able to keep anything down. I have a call into the doctor to see if I can go back up to 20 and try to slowly taper from there.

At 11+4, I was experiencing some bleeding and went in for a scan. At the moment I have placenta previa, which we hope will resolve by week 20. You can read more about what that means for the pregnancy here.

Aside from that, not much else is going on with the pregnancy. We’re just getting though day by day and ready to meet our newest addition. We have the NT scan on Friday. Hopefully the baby will be in a better position so that we can get the measurements needed.



One thought on “Pregnancy Update: Weeks 8-11

  1. They gave me until 32 weeks for my placenta privea to resolve and its is it by about 28 so don’t be worried if it is still around at 20 weeks. Mine definitely was (in fact it often isn’t diagnosed until that anomaly scan here). It was the same for both my pregnancies. Hope you can up those steroids and get back to feeling a biting relief from the HG.

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