Modified Bed Rest

It never fails: just when I let my guard down and think everything is going just perfectly with the pregnancy, something happens and sets me back some. Of course it’s never something super simple and easy to handle….I’m blessed with the stressful stuff. 

This part may be TMI, so scroll down to the next paragraph to skip the gory details. Thanks in large part to Zofran, pooping has become quite the chore.  In fact, you push and push and push for barely anything. While pushing as hard as I could, I passed a rather large blood clot from my lady bits…..and I freaked out a bit.

A few days ago I had a weird pop in my tummy and had been cramping ever since. With the presence of the clot, I called in to the OB thinking the subchorionic hematoma was back. They had me come in for a scan and pelvic exam. Thankfully everything is okay with Baby L for now, but I have complete placenta previa, and the umbilical cord is lining up with the opening of my cervix. 

I go back in for my NT scan on Friday, and will get more details on the previa. Here’s what I do know right now:

1) most cases of placenta previa resolve by the 28th week. 

2) if it does not resolve, I will undergo a c-section using general anesthesia at 37 weeks to prevent as many risks as possible. 

3) the placenta can “move up” and be totally out of the way, but it can also move up and still be blocking the opening which would cause problems for delivery

4) I will have multiple scans to monitor placental location

5) I’m at a higher risk for blood loss because of my platelet disorder

6) I’m on modified bed rest until there is no bleeding for 2 weeks OR things get worse and I go on complete bed rest 

So what does modified bed rest mean? I can walk around and go places, but I am not allowed to do any exercise, no heavy lifting or strenuous activity, complete pelvic rest, and as much down time as I can get. 

Of course we are hoping and praying that the placenta moves and I can go to term with a vaginal delivery, but only time would tell!


7 thoughts on “Modified Bed Rest

  1. Oh dear! I had previa with Levi and so did my sil who was 2 weeks behind me. It resolved for us both. I was on blood thinner so higher risk of bleeding. I was on couch rest and pelvic rest from 15-23 weeks. Wasn’t even allowed to lift tru who was 1. I feel for you because it’s super rough. I hope it resolves for you quickly!!


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