High Risk OB Appointment/HG Trial Treatment

After the Zofran stopped working, and the OB’s office informed me that all of their resources to treat my Hyperemesis Gravidarum had been exhausted, I was referred out to a high risk clinic specializing in the really risky stuff. I called with 20 minutes left in the work day on Friday, and was scheduled in for 9 am Monday morning.

The appointment started with a scan to make sure that Baby L was still alive and well. Apparently, when you don’t keep anything down for 2 weeks they start to worry about the wellbeing of the baby. Well……Baby L was not in a scanning mood. Baby L just wanted to play. S/he spent the entire scan jumping up and down in my uterus. In the brief moments the baby wasn’t jumping, s/he was standing straight up and down, using the fold in my uterus as a pillow. The tech let us film a brief clip of the action:

She tried to get the nuchal fold measurement, but the baby wasn’t interested in that. She also tried to get a sneak peek 3D but the little booger was standing with his/her back to us. 

As far as they can tell, the lack of food and beverage has not had a negative impact on the wee one. He or she is measuring a few days ahead and looks great. 

The makin reason for the visit was of course seeking treatment for the HG. The doctor put me on a steroid treatment plan, that isn’t used frequently, but has been shown to help in cases like mine where meds don’t work. The first day I took 40mg and felt FABULOUS until about 4:30 when it wore off. I was nauseous, but not sick enough to puke. The next day I took 20mg and again felt great until about 4. Today was my second 20mg dose and I have been nauseous all day long. I still haven’t puked but the nausea today has been bad. Tomorrow will be my last 20 mg dose and then I will do 3 days of 10mg doses and then 7 days of 5mg. If the nausea goes away great, if it comes back I’ll be on 5mg of prednisone throughout the pregnancy. 

There is of course a risk to taking steroids while pregnant. The biggest being premature labor, low birth weight and an increased risk of gestational diabetes. These are all things that will be monitored frequently. Obviously the sooner I can get off the better, but who knows when that will be. 

I go back in for an NT scan and blood draw on Friday, June 3rd. 


5 thoughts on “High Risk OB Appointment/HG Trial Treatment

  1. I’m glad you are seeing another doctor who is able to try a new treatment. I’m desperately hoping it works so that you cab be preganant and enjoy life at the same time. And of course I’m so happy to hear that baby is doing well!

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    • Thanks. I only saw her the one time. If this doesn’t work, the next step is an NG tube with a special concoction of vitamins and minerals…..doesn’t sound like fun. We are avoiding the PICC like its the plague.

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  2. I’m glad that this is working at least to some extent. I hope it does the trick and you don’t have to stay on Pred the whole pregnancy. At least they were smart enough to refer you this time around and not just let you suffer the entire 9 months!

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