Turning A Corner

I am so incredibly grateful to be writing this post today 🙂 Today was my OB follow up, mostly to check in and make sure that everything is progressing as it should with the pregnancy. They also wanted to check the status of the subchorionic hemmorage. 

I am pleased as punch to say that most importantly, Baby L looks perfect. S/he is growing and measuring right on track. We were able to see the umbilical cord and two little legs! The SCH is also resolved itself in the past 2 weeks. They will check in on it periodically to make sure it doesn’t return, as apparently they can come and go.

The meds seem to be working now and I have felt pretty good all day today (minus a couple hours after I ate a bowl of cereal). I think I figured out the trick. I have to eat a bite or two every 30ish minutes. Being too hungry or too full increases they nausea. I also have to make sure that the pump is working 24/7. Even a 30 minute break makes things worse. Also the more still I can be in the day the better. 

The plan is to do the NT scan and blood work and follow up in 3 weeks, which happens to fall on my birthday. In the meantime I will continue the meds and see how it goes.


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