Pregnancy #2: Weeks 4-7

Yesterday we celebrated Luke’s 9 month birthday, but we also celebrated entering our 8th week of pregnancy. I think this time I am going to do monthly updates, rather than weekly, but still post on the big things that happen.

I got my first positive pregnancy test on March 31st, and went for my beta draw on April 1st. Talk about timing! I thought it could have been a joke. 

For the past month, the only symptoms I have had is constant nausea and vomiting, and some fatigue. At 7 weeks, I was fitted for a Zofran pump because I couldn’t keep any food or drinks down. I also was given fluids intravenously for 4 days because I was so dehydrated. The iv is thankfully out, but I’m still monitoring my ketone levels which bounce back and forth between 0 and 80. It’s incredibly difficult for me to eat, and anything more than a few bites (or less) comes back up with force. 

The fatigue I think is a combination of early pregnancy tiredness, the fact that little man still wakes up anywhere from 2-9 times a night and a lack of nutrition. Either way, the combination of the two had made caring for Luke almost impossible and I have had to rely heavily on my husband and mom for the daily care of both of us. Sometimes it’s quite sad listening to Luke cry and know if I move from the position I’m in I will puke all over the place.

The baby is growing and doing amazingly well. I had scans at 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 weeks between the fertility clinic and the ob that we chose.  I had some pretty bad cramping and there was concern that the pregnancy was ectopic. Thankfully at the 6 week scan it was confirmed to be a uterine pregnancy. Yesterday we were discharged from the fertility clinic as well. 

5 weeks 

6 weeks

7 weeks

8 weeks

If I were to venture a guess right now, I would say that Baby L is going to be a boy. According to the few “tests” I’ve done, every single one has come back as a boy result. 1) Mayan calendar says boy, 2) Chinese calendar says boy, 3) baking soda test foamed up saying boy, 4) Ramzi theory says boy as well. 

Just for shits and giggles, I compared Luke’s 8 week ultrasound with Baby L’s 8 week ultrasound Luke’s ultrasound is on the left, Baby L is on the right. Aside from their heads being reversed, it looks identical.

In the 8 week ultrasound you can see a bit of black on the outside of the placenta. There is a sub chorionic hemmorage behind the baby. It should heal on its own, but it will need to be monitored.

Overall the pregnancy is going well. Baby is thriving and that’s all that really matters (as well as my husband and Luke being happy).


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy #2: Weeks 4-7

  1. I am thrilled to hear baby is thriving and doing well. And I’m also very happy that you have a support team who can help care for Luke and yourself while you deal with the nasty pregnancy side effects. I am still hoping the sickness subsides soon and you aren’t stuck feeling this miserable for months!


  2. I’m so sorry you have the hyperemesis again. I could’ve only done that once. Honestly, I have some PTSD from being that sick and not being able to eat or take care of my oldest child for 9 months. I’m thrilled though that your OB is taking it seriously and that you can have your IV hydration at home. Although rose hospital is only 5 min from me, it was kind of a pain to go to their infusion center twice every week!
    I’ll hope that it calms down, but I also know that it’s probably not possible. So I’ll wish for it to be at least manageable for you! Congrats again!!!

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