My 9 Month Old

Insert shock here! I can’t believe that 9 months ago, I gave birth to the most amazing little boy. I am such a lucky person to be able to call this precious boy my son. 

At last check, Luke was 27.5″ and weighed 17.5 pounds exactly. He’s growing really well and is gaining percentiles like a champ. 

Luke loves to eat

And has recently begun trying to slurp the juices off of his tray

He’s become quite the daredevil. He has figured out how to roll out of the bouncer, how to unclip his high chair and car seat buckles, get off the couch, climb onto things and loves to stand up in the grocery cart.

By far, Luke’s absolute favorite thing in the world is to play in the bathtub. 

And he loves spending time with his daddy:

Health wise, Luke is doing pretty good right now. We have graduated from most of his specialists and have action plans with the remaining doctors. 

He’s learning new things (like how to fake cough) every single day and is getting so big. He’s a stubborn little boy, with his mom’s patience, his dad’s goofy personality and a whole lot of charm. 


2 thoughts on “My 9 Month Old

  1. So Exciting! He’s starting to lose his baby look and gain the toddler look.

    I’ve heard you can put a button up shirt over them in their buckled car seat to keep them buckled.


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